Why Blogging? Why Now?

Why not?

I mean as long as I can remember I have loved words. I love to read them, write them, and of course speak them. But sharing them is like…the best. There is just something about the honest connection that happens when we share words with each other that magnifies my love for them. And after years of thinking about starting up a blog I have decided that there really is no reason not to. Fresh out of college with a very blank future before her and a head full of thoughts? Is there really anything else to do?

It isn’t like I’ve ever been short on opinions or the urge to share my thoughts so again I say, why not? This is going to be my open forum to just spew out randomness and hope that it is at least mildly entertaining to a few. The topics are gonna be wide-ranging, but almost always full of passion, and I am gonna make a valiant effort to be really open. If anything this is sure to be interesting from both sides so let me offer you an invitation on this adventure.


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