So the thing is…

…I know I got obnoxious tonight on all my various forms of social media. I know I am friends with and have followers who don’t agree with my stance so it probably sucked to put up with me, but thank you so much for doing it. However I refuse to apologize for my excitement.

While I’ve never been quiet about my views and hopes for how today would turn out I made strong efforts to never shove or force my opinions or thoughts down anyone’s throats. So I decide that I get to over post or over flail and in general be a little obnoxious over just how ecstatic I am about President Barack Obama being re-elected tonight.

I take things like elections very seriously and am very passionate about them so I have spent the last few days in knots waiting for these results. I was prepared for what could happen if my personal hopes were not fulfilled but I was fortunate enough to have the man I believe the best for the job win. So I am gonna celebrate & dance & drink more wine than necessary & be a little over the top.

Watching President Obama be re-elected, Minnesota (as well as MD, ME, & WA) stand for equality, a number of women win prized seats in the Senate, and to see misogynistic men who have made completely horrifying comments on rape lose their seats was…amazing. I could not have hoped for a better turn out and I am so looking forward to our country continuing to move forward.

Many props go out to everyone, and I do mean everyone, that went out and voted because each and every one of us that took advantage of our right to do so is badass. We all deserve a clap on the back for not neglecting our civic duty and I am so thankful to share this country with you.

So yeah…I feel I deserve a little over zealous celebrating.


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