A Perpetually Single Woman in Her Early Twenties Adores Valentine’s Day.

In a week the world is going to be divided into two groups; those loving a day to be mushy and those hating the day where they are constantly reminded of their lack of relationship. Valentine’s Day. The holiday where pink and red is shoved down our throats and people splurge on flowers, chocolates, and expensive dinners to showcase how much they love their significant others. Normally I am a person who believes in the idea that everyday should be an excuse to show the people you love just how much you love them, we don’t a holiday. And society and culture expects me, as young woman currently unattached, to despise the day and protest the whole thing by drowning myself in my own tears, wine, and unlimited chick flicks. However I am on the side that is celebrating the holiday with excitement, I love Valentine’s Day.

I was ready to come up with a long-winded explanation and then I thought about it….and my love for holiday doesn’t really have to be justified, just like at Christmas time I don’t feel my lack of admiration for that holiday has to be explained. Especially when in reality it is as simple as the fact that I am a hopeless romantic at heart and I just really love love. Everything about expressing love for people in unique, silly, or sentimental ways makes me happy. I’ve not had the opportunity to spend a Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend but that in no way means I am going to sit around and pout or mock the day. I know that eventually I’ll get to receive flowers or chocolates with what I hope to be a cheesy card from a guy that loves me but that’s not now, so I am going to enjoy the fact that I can still buy Disney Princess and Superman valentines and hand them out to my friends and co-workers to get a smile out of them.

The key to Valentine’s Day isn’t to be in love but rather to radiate it.


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