Chasing the [Awesome] Storm that is Veronica Mars.

If you happen to be a frequent use of the internet and somewhat up to date on pop culture matters I am sure that the events of the Veronica Mars Movie Project caught your eye today once or twice. If you’re not…well you could probably consider skipping this post but I’d love to encourage you to maybe keep on keeping on while I wax on poetically about it and why I started my day dancing around my room in my underwear like I was Veronica and Keith had finally gotten me that damn pony.

I became what you might call an “avid” TV watcher when I was roughly 13. The two shows that started this? Gilmore Girls and Smallville. ABCFamily showed reruns of them every weekday after school and I somehow picked them up really fast, and thus was born my well-known nature to put my TV shows above…well a lot. I schedule my weeks around them, and before the days of streams, DVR, and torrents, I would be incredibly upset if something caused me to miss them. The third show I fell this hard for, and the first one I got to watch from its pilot, was none other than Veronica Mars

How exactly I made this decision is still a mystery to me. It aired on the UPN network and I had very little reason to watch that channel ever, say for the random night I felt like indulging in America’s Next Top Model. I don’t know where I saw a preview for it or heard about it but all of a sudden I was watching this show about a snarky, tough teenage detective and loving every minute of it. To me Veronica was what a mix of Lorelai Gilmore and Chloe Sullivan would turn out to be like and considering those two where some of my favorite female characters ever, let alone on TV at the time, it felt like this show was made for me.

As a teenager facing all those “who am I?” questions I had one real life role model, my mother, and then two fictional ones that helped me answer all those questions and mold myself a little; Chloe Sullivan and Veronica Mars. Chloe was an obvious choice because she was this younger version of Lois Lane (well before Lois actually came on Smallville) who was smart, independent, loyal, and just the right amount of unique. Plus Lois Lane was my first ever fictional role model so I clung to the similarities in Chloe and to this day I still credit Chloe and her actress, Allison Mack, with being a beacon to look towards in those formidable years. But Veronica…Veronica was all the wit and sarcasm of Chloe but came with the endless pop culture references I usually got from Lorelai. And truth be told Veronica was also much more ballsy than I ever was, and really still am, and I lived vicariously through her when she was threatening Lamb or standing up to an entire biker gang. These women, while although fictional, were inspirations and like these sort of friends I had while trying to cross the mine filed that is adolescence and I don’t think I would be the woman I am myself without having had them around.

But the time I got to spend with Veronica was not near long enough, the show was (unjustly) canceled after its third season, which was also its first with the new network the CW (a combination of former networks the WB and UPN). There were reasons the network gave for its decision but none of them really seemed just, they didn’t allow the creators and writers time to properly wrap up the stories of the show, Veronica and the gang from Neptune were not allowed a proper farewell. The show was never a gigantic hit, ending with around 2 million viewers, but the fans it did have were  dedicated. Nobody really took the cancellation well and for years the fans have had to complain about the unfairness, re-watch the seasons, and constantly ask the actors and creative team about a movie. Veronica Mars became a cult show with a vocal and loyal fanbase.

I myself just re-watched the series from start to finish last Winter break and fell in love with the show all over again. While Veronica is at its center there is so much more to love about the show. The noir style is well done and something that, at the time and even now a little, is different in a refreshing and intriguing way. The casting is so perfectly done because the actors give their characters their all and also truly care about each other in a way that manifests on camera. The story telling is fantastic, never before had I watched a show that was so interconnected and weaved from start to finish of a season…and even carry over into a next season. After I finished my re-watch last winter I was raving again like I would in high school, I needed to talk to someone, anyone, about this show and how genius it was. My mother refused because she put up with it when I was in High School because nobody else I knew watched. I managed to get one friend to watch and it was magical, watching her watch it for the first time and getting all engrossed and caught up. We talked about it and I got to feel emotions I had not in years and I was giddy for months on end.

The movie thing though….it has been talked about for years. From immediately after the show was off the air to every so often after the first couple of years it was gone. Veronica’s actor, Kristen Bell, and creator Rob Thomas have been pretty vocal and always enthusiastic about the idea but it was always that the WB (who still holds the rights to Veronica Mars) didn’t think it had a viable market that would end up providing a profit. Five years is a long time and the amount of people not losing hope was dwindling…I mean we knew if Arrested Development were having  the issues they were with a full movie then what was the realistic chance of our Marshmallow getting there?

So today when this Kickstarter campaign popped up it was…well it was ecstatic feeling. To have our dream within grasp was more than most thought was actually ever going to happen. And to have more than just Kristen and Rob in the video, Jason! Ryan! Enrico! it shows just how united this cast was not just with each other…but with us the fans too. To see that they had the faith in us fans to be able to pull together a sum like that just so we could get our movie finally (and prove to the WB what a very viable audience looked like) was nice.  I knew that the Veronica Mars fandom was totally capable of this…but I did not imagine it could happen in under 12 hours!

Watching that total go up faster and faster and faster was incredible, I mean I popped out for lunch with my mom and by the time we came back another $200,000 had been raised. Amazing doesn’t begin to cover what happened today in the fandom, pop culture, and this whole genre of crowdraising in relation to movie making. It’s days like these that make me so happy I stopped hiding that I am a nerdy-nerd who has invested a lot of her time and life into things like fandom and fictional characters. In high school I never felt comfortable being as open about my fangirl ways, in college I got better as I met a few more people like me, but now thanks to things like Twitter and Tumblr there is this larger dialogue going on. Wither it is fan to fan, fan to actor, actor to actor, fan to producer, etc. it sets up a much more comfortable environment to talk about how much we love characters and their stories and how we desire to see them as often as we can or keep them in our lives as long as we can. 

The Veronica Mars Movie is happening now and I can’t speak for every fan of the show but I know Veronica ain’t got shit on my ‘over the moon’ face…Kristen might but I wouldn’t put money on it. Getting to see Veronica grown up and being grown up (well a little more anyways) myself is going to be kick ass. And maybe from today and the eventual movie maybe more people will get interested and watch the show from the start, cause it is never to late to enjoy the experience that is Veronica Mars.

p.s. — The project may have already reached its goal but every additional donation goes towards making a sick movie that will benefit the audience immensely so if you have a spare few dollars consider donating  a little here, it can be as little as one measly buck and you would be helping make a lot of people  ridiculously happy.


One thought on “Chasing the [Awesome] Storm that is Veronica Mars.

  1. I can’t even put into words how excited I was about this news. And to see the funds go up so fast. AHHH!!! So cool. This is one of my all-time favorite shows. What a day this has been. Can’t believe we will be seeing more of Veronica. Anyway, neat hearing your story about this topic!

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