Give Me a [Prompt] Push

Recently I took a trip that I was hoping would confirm a few things for me. Luckily it helped a little more than it didn’t. I am not sure I got the exact feeling or big epiphany I was hoping to but I did get a few moments of “yes these feelings make some sense your not absolutely crazy Magie”. It’s not secret, at least I don’t think so, that I’ve felt a little lost and out of place in nearly every aspect of my life for the last year or so. At least more lost than I’ve ever been in my life and for me that is scary, I like maps and plans and outlines, I am not a fly by the seat of my pants type of person in the least. So in an attempt to maybe gain some traction, find a road I could possibly go down, I applied for Grad school in late August. I think it sounds less big outside my own head but let me tell you; up in my noggin it’s a Ron Burgandy kinda big deal. I can picture myself there, I really can. I have a really good idea of what I’d study and write a dissertation or thesis on, so it isn’t like I am diving in totally blind but still it’s a big leap for me.

And part of the trip this past weekend was to see if being back felt…right. Did I still get the slight sense of comfort and home that I have been building up in my head for a year? Do I still fall a little bit in love when I see certain places? Did I feel like in a sense I almost never left? The answer wasn’t a resounding, super loud “YES!” but it was at least a good, solid nod of the head with a silent “yeah” . So that was a comfort to know that if I get in, if I go through with this it won’t be a total disaster. I mean yes it could fall part and I could not complete but it’s a risk I am willing to take. I just know that while I am not miserable here I am not the happiest I could be either and so I need to make a change or two in order to seek out what can make me happy.

Which brings me, however kinda indirectly, to the real reason for this blog. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my friend Lindsay about her new incredibly, awesome fashion blog (which you can find by clicking right here) and she was asking aloud about what people wanted to see from her. She wanted feedback, as most people doing creative things do, and we tossed around ideas. I liked how forward and vocal she was about having a desire to know what her audience wanted and was more than willing to take requests from them. It got me thinking.

November is National Novel Writing Month and over at their website you can sign up to essentially write a novel in a month by committing to the challenge. You have daily word limits to meet, people to ask to read and keep you positive and do the journey with you. It is something I wanted to try last year but I chickened the hell out and instead filled my time thinking about how I could write this or that and just not doing it. But this year I really do want to do it, I need to commit. I even have a semi outline, there has been an idea that has been with me for over a year and a half maybe, I’ve done a little plot sketching and some decent character sketching so I think I could manage to get somewhere. However in order to prep myself for a heavy set of writing that I’ve not put myself through in quiet a few years I am going to need some practice and assistance.

And this is where the help of anyone and everyone who reads my blog comes in. I want to take the month of October to write prompts that you all give me. I have prompt books and follow a few blogs with them but nothing forces me to do things or puts my ass in gear like the pressure of expectations from someone. I hate letting people down so the way I figure it I won’t let myself quit or give up. So feel free to send me any sort of prompt via any social media we are connected with or in the comments on this entry. I will write pretty much anything; it can be original fiction, fanfic for your favorite characters (although I can not promise to perfect characters I don’t know super well), or even just you finding prompts you find interesting elsewhere and just copy, pasting, and forwarding them to me. Depending on how many I get I would like to think I should be posting 3-5 a week. I mean if I get enough I will try to do one for each day in the month, but I won’t be arrogant enough to think enough people read my blog to have that many come in. If you wish for your prompt to be a private exchange let me know in the message and I will not post that publicly. Multiple submissions are welcome as well.

This is probably a super weird exercise, not to mention a request for you guys, but I wanted to try something I’ve never done before and something I felt mandatory I complete. I want to thank anyone that sends me something in advance and say I look forward to anything I get.



I realized I was somewhat vague in explaining some of this. Like for one what a prompt is; it is a thing used to get a writer going. Like any sort of direction or idea to start off a writing session. An example could be “write a character going through a moment that causes intense emotion.” Just something to sort of start a story, a jumping off point for the writer.

The second I didn’t fully explain is contacting me. Again I am welcome to any sort of social media messages from Facebook or Tumblr, or even Twitter if you can fit that in an @ or a DM. However I’ve also set up a ‘Contact Me’ page on this blog thanks to the advice from Lindsay (you know the one who runs the fantastic fashion blog) so if you want to leave it there in the comment section that works perfect to. You can start leaving them whenever you like; right this very moment up until October 31st. This is also open to anyone not just people who I know or interact with often, if you stumble upon this post and want to leave something go right ahead. Just let me know if you wish it to be a private exchange and I will work that out with you.

I hope this clears up a bit of confusion I think I left from the last post. Any other questions though feel more than free to contact me and let me know!


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