A Journey Begins

Happy Prompt-tober! Too cheesy? Oh well I have gotten over the nerves part (mostly) of this exercise and embraced the positive and excited part. That and October is easily the second best month,March is first obviously, so I am just excited about today being the start of it. –If you need a reminder of what exactly this “journey” is feel free to check back to this post and maybe ponder your own prompt to send me :)

I haven’t gotten a ton of prompts yet but that’s fine I got enough to get me started and I decided that if my supply from you guys runs dry I will pull from some prompt blogs I started following since I posted my last blog. Which means I am going to try my darndest to get a prompt up everyday, but I will commit to at least three a week for the whole month. That being said today I officially signed up for NaNoWriMo, got a new haircut (not that that’s really relevant but I feel a little pep in my step from it so it gets a mention), and have my first prompt ready to complete, so let’s dig in.

I’ve been pondering a bit recently, does the human makeup require conflict? The thought is spurn out of Matrix & watching the Star Trek movie with Patrick Stewart & William Shatner. Effectively, why is utopia dismissed and conflict preferred? — Glen

A simple short answer; humankind is fickle.

I believe we have never been, nor will we ever, be capable of being totally content. We can enjoy a state of being for a while but after sometime we crave change and new things. Sadly at times that thing is conflict which leads to some really not great events. I don’t think we strive for conflict and it’s results exactly, just a consequence of our need to adjust our current situation. Every action comes with some sort of reaction and at times the result is good and worth the risk we take by rocking the boat and other times it is not good and the end product is a regret or two.

In regards to the idea of Utopia I think it gets dismissed cause we’ve so often been told not to bother because it was fictional. Which it literally is, the island in the book of the same title by Sir Thomas More which was published in 1516. Sir Thomas describes the new island of Utopia with its perfect social, religious, and political customs. Which side note; the fact that Sir Thomas could even dream up this land and it’s customs considering he worked closely with King Henry Vlll is damn impressive. But regardless it is still a fictional ideal and how many times have we been told over and over that things are “just a book” and to not put too much stock in them. Utopia is one of those things, like Hogwarts or Middle Earth, we desperately wish was real but know sadly it’s only in our heads that it comes truly alive.

Not to mention how many requirements a real life Utopia would require. Can you imagine? I know my concept of ideal life varies from that of say Glen who gave me this prompt or even my own mother. Sure there are likely to be some pretty big overlaps but we are bound to disagree on minor details…and Utopia isn’t really Utopia unless it is perfect. And again how frequently has the phrase, “nobody or nothing is perfect” been told to us in order to calm frustration or self-doubt? It might be cliché but it’s useful and true, we can’t cling to the hope of both that phrase and Utopia.

So it’s not that the human race requires conflict, or that it is completely dismisses Utopia. It’s more along the lines of life is a crazy, incurable, disease that mandates a prescription to make it manageable. And unfortunately conflict is one of those horrible, no good, awful side effects (much like acne or diarrhea) that we have to battle through to keep going.




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