File Under Things I Never Thought I’d Write

Yesterday was fun, I really enjoyed that prompt. To have things that make you think and get a little philosophical are always great for me in terms of opening up my mind and getting it going. But today I am going to approach some new territory. Lindsay and I were talking about this adventure of mine the other night and something tripped her memory of a thing she saw about Hey Arnold! and it got her wondering about where the characters were now. And one of the scenarios that ran through her head where what if Arnold and Olga, older sister to Helga, got together in the end? How would they come to that point and better yet how would Helga handle that given her life long crush on Arnold. It came about as a joke but it was fun and so I took it as a not so official prompt for this. I tried researching and reading a little bit on the show and characters because it’s been so long since I’ve been familiar with it, so don’t harp on me if you feel I totally destroyed the characters. So here goes nothing.

It was going to weird, more than weird, awkward. Seeing Helga for the first time in five years would be without the added factor that Arnold was going to be Olga’s guest this Thanksgiving. Olga had insisted that in person was the best and only way to tell her sister, and that she had to be the one to do it. Which is apparently what had happened the night before, Olga spent the night at her parents house as they welcomed Helga home. It was rare she ever came back, after high school she had found a school as far away as possible and only returned once, maybe twice, a year for holidays. When she had announced she would be there for Thanksgiving this year Olga declared they must tell her then, especially since their six months was approaching.

Arnold wasn’t about to argue, he had missed Helga and her constant presence after her departure and the last thing he wanted to do upon seeing her again was hurt her. Actually the only thing he had ever hoped was that some guy had the smarts to be the first one to be kind to Helga, gain her affections that he never felt he quite deserved. The better part of his youth was spent wishing he could return those feelings just to appease Helga but knew it was worse to string someone along that way. And then he had to chase Olga for a good year and a half before she agreed to a date, she had refused to betray her sister like that. Helga would probably be pleased to know finally she and her feelings were the epicenter of attention.

Downstairs the doorbell rang and let him know that Olga was here to bring him back to her parents house for dinner. Meaning the conversation had happened, a conclusion was finally to be tangible. Arnold knew a lot weighed on Helga’s feelings about this, he was aware if it crushed her too much Olga wouldn’t hesitate to break their relationship. The only person Olga cared about respecting the most was Helga, she respected whatever relationship her sister would agree to have and it meant the world to Olga. It was, despite possibly being the end of his relationship, the thing he loved and admired most about Olga.

Taking a last look at himself in the hall mirror before his door, Arnold smoothed down his red tie against his blue dress shirt and ran a hand through his lightly styled hair. On the other side of his door was a verdict on his future and with a deep breath and a nod he opened it.

“Hey Arnold!” The voice and punch to the shoulder hit him before he had a chance to fully register the scene before him. On his stoop, the very one he grew up in and inherited when his grandparents both passed, stood one Helga Pataki in the forefront grinning and Olga just over her shoulder stifling a wide grin. He could feel his eyes still set wide and with a glance at Olga he saw her nod and smile and knew everything must be alright. “I see you’ve finally warmed to some Pataki charm, just not the one I’d always dreamed of.”

There was a smile, one that Arnold swore never existed when they were younger, on her face that gave away her sarcasm and what appeared to be genuine joy at the whole ordeal. He finally broke out his own smirk and gave her a nod, “I did, although she was a lot harder to convince of my own appeal than you ever were.”

Olga rolled her eyes and Helga gave another hearty laugh. It was like some sort of alternate universe Helga that Arnold was definitely not used to, but was excited to get to know. It was then that he took notice of the small, round bump filling out the front of Helga’s deep pink dress. Helga must have caught his eyes and quickly a hand came to rest on her stomach, “Yeah some other schmuck made the mistake of being kind to me, now we are a month or so out from a little one.”

Again her words and her tone didn’t match, Arnold heard the happiness there. Olga stepped up beside her sister and lightly slapped her elbow. “Helga don’t call Charles a schmuck,” she said as she directed her eyes on Arnold and smiled again. “He is back at the house with mom and dad, he is great. You’ll probably get along famously, he works at a museum.” Arnold taught history and was constantly dragging Olga to exhibits downtown, which she secretly loved.

“I can’t wait to meet him.” Arnold said as he turned around to grab his jacket and keys before closing the door and following the two women in front of him down the steps. Helga was already complaining about the idea of Miriam and Bob getting to pester Charles about how perfect Olga was, “I don’t need to lose another one to you Olga.” She looked over her shoulder at Arnold and winked. It was going to be fine, more than fine, good.



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