Introduction of Sorts

So I have officially exhausted all prompts that I’ve been given thus far. I had a couple prompts from a blog pulled for today to decide between but then I thought it might be interesting to take a writing exercise I saw floating around as NaNoWriMo prep and apply the characters I’ve started constructing for my novel. That way it gives me a chance to get more familiar with them and get in a groove to write them. But I’ve not shared these characters or much of the overall story with anyone so I am a little nervous, but the point of this month is to get myself comfortable with the idea of writing a full novel and sharing these things with people so this seems like a smart first step. I have two characters that drive the story, but one is much more the “main” character than the other so I think for today I’ll explore her and tomorrow share the other.

Okay big breath, here we go.

Character: Royer Hubbert, 16.

How would I describe this character in a single sentence? — Royer is a quiet but not silent person and loyal to those she cares about.

What type of personality does this character have? — She is the person people lean on, feel they can trust, usually laughing and happy. Also what I call a ‘surface’ personality, most of what you see is real but there is more she hides and keeps to her self.

What is this character’s purpose in the story? — The POV and anchor of the story. We see the overall journey through her eyes and her thoughts. She is here to support her best friend, Dylien, as he transitions from female to male but navigate teenage life for herself as well.

How is this character different from any other character in the story? — Royer knows Dylien better than anyone, she is the Dylien expert that will help us understand the journey better.

What makes this character interesting to the readers? — Instead of approaching stories of transition from the person experiencing it we see this from someone close to the individual, who is processing the ups and downs and living the experience along side. Royer is interesting because she isn’t the one the directly experiencing things but right beside that character getting a sense of that and relaying it to the readers. But she is also a teenager trying to live her life and deal with her own real experiences.

What does this character care most about? — Helping Dylien through this, she wants to be his support system and help him stay strong for the days he might feel weak and want to give up. Royer’s main goal is to keep Dylien’s positive and not feel alienated.

What are this characters physical traits? — Dirty blonde hair, chest length. Brown eyes, soft and round facial features. Average height, about 5’5″, weight is somewhere around 135-140 so not super skinny but not large either. A jeans person, but not afraid of skirts or dresses, prefers big or billowy tops.

What is the most important thing that has ever happened to this character? — Dylien coming out as trans to her, explaining his feelings about identifying and the process he is about to start undergoing.

What are the things this character cares most about? — Her family and friends, her grades. She wants to be a college professor of literature like her dad.

How does this character deal with problems? — Internally mostly. Royer doesn’t like to put her problems on others so she tries to process most of it on her own, but if it gets to be too much she reaches out to either Dylien or her father.

What would it take to make this character change significantly?  — A big betrayal or loss of someone close. Royer is much more of a forgive, but not forget, person so it takes a lot to rattle or push her to change. The reaction over Dylien from some people could affect her in ways, but not overly significant.

What relationships does this character have with the other characters? — Royer is close with her family (mom, dad, brother) and friends (Dylien, and their group) so we see her talk and interact often with them. She has interactions with teachers in their school through classes and a GSA but it is typical of student/teacher relationships. She is our epicenter and connection to everyone else so she has to have some sort of relationship with each character we get to know but some are much more prevalent and important than others.

So that’s a taste, I am not sure if it panned out the way I thought it would but I do think it was nice to put these things down in a way others will read and start to know Royer who I’ve known and developed for almost a year now. Tomorrow I’ll do this with Dylien and if it seems successful and liked I can keep doing it with a few other characters. Or I could start some plot description, that is if I don’t get any prompts, until tomorrow then.


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