Meet Dylien.

The questionnaire I did last night for Royer didn’t exactly go as I had imagined it in my head, there was another one I had seen and meant to grab but didn’t and couldn’t find it so I went with the one I posted last night. It was still helpful but I just wish I would have saved that other one. However I said I would complete one for Dylien as well so that is what I will do for today’s writing. Dylien is the one I am most protective over cause I want to get him and his experience accurate. The reason I made Royer the main character over Dylien was for one I wanted to tell this story from the eyes of someone a little removed for the exact experiences and two because they say “write what you know” and while I’ve not had this exact experience I think I better can write a character who is supportive of their best friend.

I think I’ll search for some prompts or bring ones I’ve marked for tomorrow, if I use my original characters or make it fanfiction I will decide later. For now, however, meet Dylien.

Character: Dylien (last name still undecided between a couple), 16.

How would I describe this character in a single sentence? — Dylien is almost to a tee your “all american”; friendly, intelligent, athletic, but he is also dealing with the process of aligning his sex and gender.

What type of personality does this character have? — Dylien has a lively and kind presence, he is the kind of person you might want to hate cause they appear too perfect but you can’t cause they are just nice and humble.

What is this character’s purpose in the story? – Dylien is the story. His coming out and trans and starting his transition and how that affects those around him, Royer especially, is the focal point of the plot.

How is this character different from any other character in the story? – He is the only one going through such a heavy and important journey. He is not the only character that is of the LGBTQA community in the story but the others are already out and comfortable, Dylien is working towards all those goals.

What makes this character interesting to the readers? — The obvious is his transition. But along with that Dylien has to face mapping out life as a teenager and dealing with all the issues that life already has there. Also for those that may identify with Dylien hopefully the story helps them feel more accepted, or less alone. The exposure and presence a character like Dylien provides for trans youth (and even non trans but not informed on the topic) is hopefully interesting to readers.

What does this character care most about? – Feeling at home in his body, and for those that he loves to accept him. As well as doing well in school and just surviving life as a 16-year-old.

What are this characters physical traits? — Pre-transition: shoulder length curly, light brown hair and green eyes. Has a “runners” body; tall and thin, 5’9″ about 120. While transition: all the same but he cuts his hair, maybe an inch long. Once he starts testosterone his body becomes a little leaner and more toned. Style is very relaxed with mostly T-shirts, jeans, basketball or athletic shorts both pre and during transition.

What is the most important thing that has ever happened to this character? – Being able to vocalize his detachment from his sex and why he never felt like a “girl”, discovering there was other people like him and had been for many years. Discovering there was a way to go about aligning his physical appearance to how he identified on the inside. Sharing that with his parents and people like Royer was, and continues to be, very big for Dylien.

What are the things this character cares most about? — Acceptance; both from others and within himself. Family and friends and school, he debates between going to college for a business degree or to a culinary school.

How does this character deal with problems? – Talking, usually to Royer about those things who has always been the best sounding board.

What would it take to make this character change significantly?  — Given he is already starting a pretty big changing process, on the outside anyways, Dylien always fears that having an intense reaction (either good or bad) could change is outlook and he doesn’t want anything to make him question his decision.

What relationships does this character have with the other characters? — Dylien is close to both is parents, his mother a little more so, as he is an only child. And of course he is very close with Royer and to an extent her family. He is close with other friends but gets closer to some, and farther to others, through the transition, as well as some faculty at the school.

I feel better about Dylien than I did about Royer…I don’t know what that says about them or me right now but it’s nice to finally share them. I’ve been so afraid to speak of them for some reason I just kept them (and all their friends/family) to myself just jotting down notes and characteristics for a year now. My hope is that you guys might find them intriguing and like characters you’d like to read about.

Don’t forget you can always leave me prompts on my ‘Contact Me’ page (link up at the top of the page) or through any various social media we might know each other from if we do. Until I get more I’ll just scavenge for prompts to use.



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