Lazy With Emphasis

I’ll be honest, today I was lazy. Like super lazy, like scrub pants and oversized sweaters all day lazy. So I didn’t much give writing a thought today, to the point I almost considered making today the first day I missed. But I felt really lame not even making it a full week before skipping, so here I am. I did get a really interesting prompt from someone but I want to develop the initial idea I got in my head a bit more so I just went and grabbed a prompt for today. I found my prompt at Prompts and Pointers so if you ever are looking for either of those things I’ve seen some really great stuff in the time since I started following them. That being said enjoy and hope you had a lovely weekend.

Pick out a demon’s name from Wikipedia’s list of theological demons. Create or re-imagine a story for them.  — My demon; Davy Jones

“So Jones right? I’ve heard you’re familiar with…wait this can’t be right.” The stern face finally cracked and lines of confusion filled the smooth, pale spread of his forehead. “Kid please tell me your name isn’t really…”

“Davy, yes my name is Davy Jones and I have just been hired to work on your ship.” She was incredibly used to this reaction that started when she was just a child growing up on the docks of her dads marina. Had Davy had any smarts she would have gone into business or teaching or just anything that didn’t involve boats and the seas. Unfortunately she had already fallen in love with the sails and the waves before the full realization of her name and its history.

Green eye that stood out against the crisp white of the mans uniform scanned Davy up and down once more saying, “You get this a lot huh?”

A small snort escapes before she can stop it. “Nearly every day of my life. Dad was born and raised on the coast and in boats and always been in love with the sea. And my parents were told I was male, not that it makes it any better, and when I  came out they were attached and so it just stayed.” Davy had already come to a resolution with the fact the Universe thought her existence was a running joke most of the time, now she just took joy from watching people’s reactions.

“But Davy Jones is the bad guy, who names their kid after the bad guy?” The Captain shoved the clip board of paper work under his arm and leaned in interested.

“My mother has a thing for villains.” Nothing like laying all your families crazy out on the table right away so Davy continued on. “But I got off easy trust me, my little sisters name is Ursula Maleficent.”

Captain James eyes bugged out and mouth dropped open as if he were a cartoon, “No!”

Rapid nodding and laughter came from Davy. “Yes, and she hates anything to do with the sea, she constantly tells my father she can’t wait move to the most land locked place she can find.”

The broad shoulders before her were shaking heavily now and the tough demeanor Davy had heard about constantly during the interview process was shattered. When he collected himself enough he took the clip board back into his hands and said, “Don’t blame her. Alright well I’ll take you down to your chambers, let you get in your uniform and then you can meet George and I up on deck to run through the work.”Davy gave a quick nod and quickly fell in step behind the Captain, excited to finally start her own adventure aboard a new ship.


P.S.  I realize that technically this is getting posted late but I started it before midnight. I just got super distracted by all that is Bravo television shows, damn things.




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