Whimsical Circles and Burnt Halos

I don’t have much for commentary today. Not even prepared with a prompt or do I have the drive to wade through till I find something that really strikes my fancy. So instead I am just gonna close all other windows open, put on some music, and just stare at the screen and free write whatever comes into my head.

Happy Hump Day.


Free Writing

The night is warm enough that you can still get by with a light sweater but the soft breeze reminds you it won’t be that way for much longer. It whips the few pieces of untied up hair around tickling the skin at your temple and the bridge of your nose. On the street, the leaves that have drifted down get caught up with their partner the wind and spin round and round in whimsical circles under the burnt halos of street lamp light. As one song stops and another plays through your buds you can hear the distant bark of a dog, between that and the every-so-often car that drives past you it’s enough to remember the town hasn’t fallen into a slumber just yet.

But your alone just enough to feel that tension; the one build of equal parts excitement and fear. There is a certain power surge at the idea of being the only one awake, like all that you can take in is yours, then also is the fear. The difference between being alone and being lonely becomes very real and seems to lurk at every corner. For a brief moment you think of running, and the thumping beat in this new song doesn’t argue, but then you see a light on in the house just across the street, a man walks through the room to sit at a chair near the window. You breathe out a sigh of relief; not alone, not lonely.

It’s a night for existing. You don’t want to reach your destination cause with it comes harsh fabricated light and distractions up on distractions. You’d rather take a detour to the small park around the corner, sit on a swing and just…exist. Take in the stars and the way their appearance seems to stop time; making you feel no older or younger than the last time you mirrored this pose. The stillness allows your mind to go anywhere and every, there are no boundaries off-limits, no dead ends, no traps that stop you from turning around and returning to the present. For the time being all the negatives seem cloaked in shadow and all the positives are within reach, just brushing the tips of your fingers. These are the nights you remember that through the chaos of life little moments are full of magic.



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