Inspired by Real Events

Almost forgot to sit down and do this today as it was an oddly busy and exhausting Thursday. But given I am trying to avoid the interwebs till I can get my download of tonight’s Glee all finished and set up for what is sure to be me sobbing into my sweatshirt, I thought I could crank it out. Today’s piece may or not be inspired by real events.


Inspired by and dedicated to Jill.


“Could you be my driver?” The words aren’t slurred per-say but the elevated tone of down right giddy tells Alex that Jasmine has toed over that line, but to be fair the line disappears when it is ones birthday.

Reaching across the table with her hand facing up Alex said, “Of course, like I’d abandon you to drink yourself silly alone.” Cool medal slides against her palm and she clenches keys while laughing at the sloppy kiss planted half on her cheek and half in her hair.

When they hit the parking lot the coolness of the night hit them, sobering Jasmine just a touch enough to make her shiver animatedly. Alex just laughed and hit the unlock button for the car, which was what provoked the question. “Ah Jasmine are you aware one of your headlines is out?”

“What?!” Jasmine stops and stares intently at the front of her car, which sure enough are only working at 50 percent. “Well crap when did that happen?”

She is unaware but her hands are flying in every direction and she is even swaying a bit from side to side. Alex laughs and says, “I am assuming between last night and now, but it’s fine. If we happen to get pulled over I’m fine and we can just say it just blew.” Jasmine just smiles, nods a little more enthusiastically than necessary and then allows Alex to push her in the direction of the passenger door.

The ride isn’t long and their town is small enough the back roads are enough to avoid any possible run ins with the police. Once home Jasmine nearly dances through the door and into comfy clothes, all the while singing and thanking Alex over and over. “You’re seriously the best Alexandria!”

Anytime Jasmine pulled out the full name Alex knew tucking her in was just mere minutes away. “Well I know you would do the same for me. I am just happy you had a nice birthday.” She found her friend wrapped up in a purple comforter on the couch, already falling to one side to sleep. Placing a bottle of water and a few aspirin on the side table Alex than dug around till she found some sleep pants to borrow and squeezed herself on the couch next to the fast asleep, snoozing bundle of joy.


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