Re-imagining Fairytales

Another fairly lazy day here but no apology to follow. I had fun last night working with fanfic again, especially it being a couple I currently am invested in. So I thought I’d just make it a fic weekend and continue the trend tonight, just with a different ship. This time I took a fic I had started playing around with months back and just revisited it, editing and adding here and there. The couple is Aurora and Hook from Once Upon a Time, a surprise one for me cause I never thought of it till I saw someone else suggest it and boom it just automatically made sense. Aurora already is close to me cause she is my favorite Disney Princess and Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie, where I adore Phillip and their relationship so it is weird for me to be championing a new suitor for Aurora. But I also adore the idea of Hook as a antihero instead of a straight up villain, and truth be told Colin is easy on the eyes, so I am liking the combination of them. Particularly because the actors have worked together, as love interests, on The Tudors so it’s really fun to bring that element into it all as well. But I digress, let’s just jump into the one-shot shall we?


Revisiting and editing an old fanfic.


The amber bottle almost crashed to the floor before a pair of hands reached out to catch it. Looking over Hook took in the sight of the woman he avoided most, Aurora. She gave him a small smile before holding out the bottle to him. “A little predictable don’t you think?”

“What?” He reached out and grabbed the bottle, tucking into the crook of his elbow on the opposite side.

She watched him with curious eyes and lingered on the curve of his hook, the one that had removed he heart from her body, he stiffened and turned slightly from her gaze. Returning her eyes to his own she nodded at his drink of choice, “Rum. A pirate drinking rum isn’t exactly original.”

A hint of a laugh played at the corner of her lips. she was actually making fun of him, you don’t make fun of people you were supposed to hate. Hook refused to analyze it as much as he wanted to and spoke to her. “Never claimed to be original Princess, just noteworthy.”

Turning away to make his way to the front, Hook was sure that was the end of their interaction. However he heard the noise of soft footfalls behind his own heavy ones. Arriving at the counter he placed his items upon it before turning to ask her what else she wanted but she was no longer behind him. She was now behind the counter ringing up his purchases, “You work here?”

His laugh didn’t even attempt to hide itself in his voice and she raised on of her eyebrows at him before saying, “Yes. Any reason that’s so funny or shocking to you?”

Oh there are many but Hook didn’t feel like dolling out the list. “Just didn’t think a princess would be promoting the consumption of something like hard liquor. Doesn’t seem to be too lady-like.”

This time she did laugh at him, “I never claimed to be lady-like Killian. Now you owe me $23.57 please.”

Surprising him was the fire he was getting to see in her that had never made its appearance during their first few encounters, it was fascinating and required more provoking. As he handed over his money he held onto her hand a little firmer than necessary. “Is that so? Well then what is the Princess’ drink of choice?”

Aurora narrowed her eyes at him before tugging her hand back and his tender away. “I have a name, and I haven’t tried too much this world has to offer but I’ve found I rather enjoy a Sex on the Beach.”

Definitely not the answer Hook was expecting and he couldn’t help the chuckle that left him. “Most certainly not lady-like sweetheart.”

Seeing what he was implying Aurora rolled her eyes and sighed at him while she handed him his bag saying, “Still not my name, and don’t be crass. It’s a drink.”

Looping his hook through the handles he took his purchase and made for the door. If this was how the Princess was now maybe he should stop making it a point to avoid her. “Whatever you say love.” he said over his shoulder, throwing in a wink and watching her face battle frustration and amusement.


Bits and pieces of conversation came to her as she made her way through the crowded floor to reach the table Ruby was sitting at. Touching her friend shoulder she spoke above the noise, “Hi! Sorry I am late, there was a late rush at the store and I wanted to stop home and change quick.”

Aurora placed her purse and coat on the back of her chair as she greeted Ruby and sat across from her. After being in Storybrooke for a few months Aurora was becoming more and more comfortable with the people and the places. So when Ruby invited her out for drinks and a girls night she jumped at the chance.

From Ruby’s side of the table she waved her hand and shook her head, which made all the necklaces around her neck jingle as she said, “Don’t worry about it. Mulan and Belle aren’t here yet either and Mary Margret and Emma are staying in for a family night.”

It was sad to hear not everyone would be here because Aurora really had wanted to enhance her relationships with them, but Mulan would be here and that alone was a big comfort. “Alright,” she nodded at Ruby who sipped from her drink and then looked towards the bar.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I didn’t order you anything, hope that’s fine.” She pushed the drink menu at Aurora and smiled before raising her own drink. “Theo makes a great cosmopolitan if you’re interested.”

She eyed the pink, almost red, drink in Ruby’s hand before shaking her head and saying, “No that’s okay, I think I’ll have a…”

“Sex on the beach miss?” A tall slender man in a button down shirt and tie appeared at Aurora’s side setting the tall glass down before her. She looked up at him with wide eyes and a questioning look. “This one is courtesy of the gentleman at the end of the bar.”

Both she and Ruby turned up to look in the direction the waiter had indicated and there sat Killian. He smirked at her while raising a small glass no doubt filled with rum in Aurora’s way, he threw in a wink at the end for good measure.

Despite herself Aurora felt a little blush color her cheeks but she kept the majority of it in check before shaking her head slightly at Killian and nodding her thanks. turning to the waiter still at her side she wrapped a hand around the glass, “Yes, thank you.”

The man nodded and walked away back to his spot behind the bar. Taking a sip her eyes caught with Ruby’s, whose were still a little wide and her eyebrows raised high towards her hairline. “Care to explain what that was all about?”

“Nothing. He was in the store the other day and I made a joke about him being a pirate who drank rum. He asked what drink I preferred thinking I would be bland and he got this.” She lifted her drink to her lips again and enjoyed the tangy taste on her tongue.

Ruby looked at Killian again and back to Aurora smirking to herself. “You gotta admit, probably not what anyone would expect from you.” Her smirk turned into a wicked grin, “And that’s why I love it.” She raised her glass towards Aurora to encourage a toast to the information.

A laugh escaped Aurora as she lifted her own drink to meet Ruby’s in the middle. She was still adjusting to everyone assuming so much about her based on her former title and the legends of this world. It was liberating to still shock people with the littlest of details, especially when they were new things to herself as well.

“Hey do you mind if I run to the ladies room before the others get here?” Ruby asked after returning her drink to the table. Aurora nodded and watched her friend weave through the people.

She thought the moment was good to thank Killian personally for the drink. She might no longer have a title and reputation to uphold but she still cared a great deal about manners and presenting herself with grace. Moving quickly from her chair she grabbed her drink and made her way the short distance to the end of the bar Killian occupied. Sliding next to his stool she gave him a small smile again. “Thank you for the drink Killian.”

He had seen her approaching and turned to give her body more space between him and the bar. She looked different from the other day, her hair half pulled back in the light natural curls she possessed and wearing a blue blouse with a black skirt that dusted her knees. It was easy to return her smile as he spoke, “Your most welcome your Highness.”

 If he was intentionally trying to avoid using her real name Aurora didn’t understand why she but she would get him to use it eventually. “So what’s a pirate doing at a bar all alone on a Friday night?”

True enough he had decided to stop avoiding her but he still wasn’t sure what to make of her kind and light nature towards him. Taking a sip from his tumbler once again he spoke, “Just a night-cap before retiring to my ship for the evening.”

Aurora had heard he was staying on his ship he had docked at the port and she shivered at the thought of how cold it might get some nights. She was about to say something about it when she heard her name and turned to see Belle and Mulan arriving. Before she could apologize to Killian he already spoke, “”Don’t want to keep you from your festivities, enjoy your night Princess.”

There was a look in his eye she figured came from the sight of Belle, the woman who loved Rumplestiltskin, his crocodile he had never defeated. Aurora didn’t like seeing that look on him and not wanting to make it worse she forgave his continuing use of pet names and nodded. “You as well Killian, thank you again.”

Last minute her hand reached up and gently toughed his forearm before pushing off and making her way back to her table. She didn’t know what made her do it and she didn’t bother to think too hard since Mulan was already questioning her about why she was talking to him in the first place.

Had she looked back she might have caught how Hook’s stare lingered on the spot where she had touched him much longer after she left. Not long once Aurora returned to her friends though she chanced a glance over her shoulder to find his spot empty and his back walking out the door.


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