Character Brainstorm

Well it certainly got chilly quickly, and I for one am not a fan. I like my fall to be crisp and just shy of actual cold and to linger for months. But whatever, that’s what I get for living in southwest Minnesota I guess. For today I wanted to be in a brainstorming mindset and so I pulled another character survey thing to play with, but this time I am going to experiment with a character that I’ve barely named. She (and her story) just came to me one night and I jotted it down but never did more with it. So I am going to kind of build a character tonight and share her with you guys.


Character Building

1. What is your full name? — Nellie Elaine Bix

2. Date and place of birth? — October 13, 1981

3. Tell me about your parents? — Mother; Elizabeth is a chef. Father; Oliver is librarian. They met when Elizabeth cooked for a library dinner.

4. Brothers? Sisters? — A two year older brother, Kent (who is married to Chloe & has one little boy named Ethan) and a five year younger sister, Abigail.

5. Where/how do you live? (alone or with someone; in what kind of home?) — Live with two roommates; Stella and Sullivan. It is a decent sized three bedroom apartment in Baltimore.

6. Do you have a job? If yes what is it? — Video editor for a photography/video company that specializes in weddings.

7. How do you look? Hair, eye and skin color, height, weight, any marks, style of dress. — Light red hair (natural), hazel eyes, Caucasian (fair skin and freckles), about 5″7′, 135 lbs, few tattoos, glasses from time to time, usually in skinny jeans and loose button down blouses, scarfs and boots a lot too.

8. Do you have any allergies, mental illnesses, psychical weaknesses? — Allergic to bee stings.

9. Are you left or right-handed? — Right.

10. Do you have any tics, certain habits or other things like that? — Overly organized, especially by alphabet if possible.

11. What do you usually carry in your pockets? — Chap stick or lip gloss, change.

12. Describe your childhood —  Average, grew up in Philadelphia with family and lived almost cookie cutter life. Happy and comfortable with lots of opportunities available.

13. Did you like going to school? — Yes, always liked learning and creating.

14. Where did you learn most of the things you know? — College, both in career and just life wise.

15. Who did you look up to when you were younger? — Mom and Kent, they were always creating things (Kent is an architect) from either nothing or just a few things.

16. Did you like your family? Why/why not? — Yes. We kids were cared for and always given all these chances to explore what we liked and were good at. Always were supported in whatever we wanted to do, and taught to treat others with the respect we hope to get. Even when we did argue or disagree we found ways to move on and get back on track.

17. What was your dream job? — Photographer, which then morphed into video editor/photographer.

18. What kind of child were you? — Bookish and quiet but determined. Kent was athletic & well liked where Abigail was over involved and challenging, it was ironic I was the middle one cause I am somewhere between.

19. What’s the most important thing you did in your life? — Work at the moment, then family and friends.

20. Have you ever had any romantic relationships? And if they ended, why did you break up? — A few, one through most of high school, Benjamin who was sweet and we went well together but he went to college in Washington and neither of us wanted long distance. In college there was Madison, Tyler, and Lisa, all were few months to a year and we just grew apart. Only bad break up was Kevin, who after two and a half years cheated and then freaked out when I called him on it; and blamed he never knew if I could commit since I liked everyone.

21. Do you have a relationship now? — Other than Leonard, my beautiful high-powered computer I use for video editing? No.

22. What is your greatest regret? —  Letting Kevin’s words get to me and question myself for a few weeks.

23. What is the worst thing you ever did? — I used the fake grandparent death for a final I was just too hungover to take in college. I felt awful for days, especially after when I did go to take it the next week my professor kept asking questions and saying sorry.

24. What are you scared of? — Being a person who works in wedding business and never finding someone to be with, looking like a failure.

25. Best memory? And worst? — Landing my current job with my best friend, Thomas. Losing my aunt Rose when I was 15.

26. What are your religious views? — I was raised in the christian religion but I don’t ascribe fully anywhere, more of a believer in the universe and karma.

27. Would you kill anyone? If yes, why? — I think only if they were threatening my life or any of my loved ones lives and there was no other option.

28. Would you die for anyone? — Yes.

29. Do you make friends quickly? — Sometimes, I can be a little introverted at times and forget to be friendly but with my job I learned to pull out of myself more and be more open and welcoming.

30. How would you describe your manners? — Decent. I am nowhere near royalty but I am not a slob either.

31. Turn ons? — Sense of humor, brunette, cultured, open mind, likes to travel, fit but not overwhelmingly so.

32. Turn offs? — Unkindness, arrogance, someone overly social, bad teeth, too controlling.

33. Are you close to your family? Why/why not? —  Yes, more Kent than anyone. Abigail is almost too young that we see so much so differently we don’t always connect.

34. If you desperately need help, who do you turn to? — Kent or Thomas.

35. Your hobbies? — Reading, photography, going to museums, baking.

36. Your most treasured possession? —  My great-grandpa’s typewriter, he worked in New York for Hearst Publishing when they had a rivalry going with Pulitzer and he used that typewriter at the time.

37. Favourite color and food? — Orange, and steak.

38. Favourite book/genre? — The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I enjoy mostly all genres, but it’s harder for me to get into science fiction.

39. Do you smoke/drink/do drugs? And if so, why? — I quit smoking after a few years, I do drink  on occasion, and on a few different occasions smoked weed in college.

40. What is your favourite way of spending a Saturday? —  Curled up in bed or on the couch reading, or going out and doing activities with friends.

41. How do you deal with stress? —  Eating things that are no good for me, drinking more than usual, and eventually venting to someone.

42. Favourite joke? —  Why did the ghost cross the road? To get to the other side.

43. How do you react if someone disturbs your routine? — I usually pause for a moment to collect what happened and how badly it disturbs my process and then breathe deep and reorganize to get back on track.

44. Do you like yourself? — I do. There was a time I didn’t cause I didn’t understand myself but through growing up I learned a lot and it helped me like me more.

45. Introvert or extrovert? — More introvert but can have random bursts of extrovert.

46. What are you good at? — My job, listening and providing unbiased opinions.

47. And what are you not good at? — Accounting, doing the dishes, and lying.

48. What words describe you? — Creative, loyal, funny (usually at the expense of myself but whatever)

49. What is your weakness? — Weddings, I thought after going to so many for strangers I’d hate them but I still get emotional and teary and invested.

50. What would you want to add that you feel is important? — Life is getting weird, starting to actually worry about the being alone forever thing. Do I want kids? When do I start if I do? It’s like my mid-life crisis is coming a little early.


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