Curtain Around the Place Beyond

Boy is it Wednesday already? Oye, I swear I have no idea how time can go so fast yet so slow at the same time. Anyways, the last week or so I’ve been having just bizarre dreams, like where my brain is pulling from to create these stories is completely confusing. And one of the dreams involved this place that I’ve dreamed up before, I’ve started to call it “Dream Zen Place” cause I often am there during a calm and mostly happy dream. And I remember once there was a prompt I had, either in a book I picked up or in a writing class I took that you attempt to describe a setting as full as you can. I thought what better time to document my little brain nook than now when it is relatively fresh and can be used for a blog. 


Describe a setting as full as possible: My Dream Zen Place


At your back you can hear the hustle and noise of the campus; filled with people who have deadlines and places to be. It’s chaotic, overwhelming, and most days you fit in just right, but on days like today where you can allow yourself to take a break, to release some stress over your shoulder is exactly where you like it. Any sort of sidewalk or path had faded out some paces back and now your feet battle the natural bumps in the ground as you climb the subtle slope in land. The longest of the branches and leaves from the areas weeping willows dust the ground and blow gently in the soft wind. Their closeness creates a curtain around the place beyond, almost as if denying access to those afraid to adventure past.

However for those that take the risk they are rewarded with a tranquil environment. Push aside the dangling vines and you’re greeted with the view of a vast pond at the bottom of a green and lush valley.  Looking around you can spot people here and there laying on the slope’s of the small hills leading out of the oasis; some reading, some choosing to take a nap under the sun, and even some couples enjoying each others company. As you move lower down you reach the glossy cobble stone frame that encompasses the blue waters of the pond.The stillness of the water must stretch at least fifty yards if not one hundred long and another thirty wide, dazzling anyone that got too close. Stone benches were placed at the borders of the walk way and at the edge so people could dip their feet in the cool water. You take up an empty one at the southern end of the bank and let your stare wander up and down the pond, a few times getting stuck on the fountain at the epicenter.

It is a simple fountain with a round base and unique totem building up to the spout at the top where the water rockets out in all directions to fall back into its own depths, creating a constant story of recycling. The sound of the ever running water soothes you, takes out some of the air that was holding you tight and stiff. You can feel your shoulders fall and your body relax enough to forget the worries you left behind the cape of perfectly green with life vines. Now that you’re sitting you can see some of the lower branches of the trees and on some of them are people with their eyes closed and just taking it all in.

From every direction you can hear chatter, but it is soft and peppered with joy unlike the fast and tight gibberish from the outside. Just to your right you can hear the tones of music issuing from the headphones of the man on the grass there, it’s a light and breezy melody that fits the area perfectly. He catches your eye and nods, sharing the feeling of zen this place can infuse into one person. Knowing you have the day to take for yourself you move from the bench to a small place on a mound behind where you were just sitting. Placing your bag behind your head you lay at a slight angle and watch the slight sway of the willow vines in the breeze and the fountain as it works and the people who are enjoying the relaxing properties of this secluded wonder. Next you close your eyes and just listen as your body and mind begin to fully mellow out and recharge in order to deal with later when you cross back over the lace like curtain.  


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