Your Heart Malfunction

Good early morning! So I didn’t write yesterday, let’s not ignore that elephant. However in my own defense it was a weirdly busy day with work all day and then an event I had to attend for my second job. An event I admittedly was dreading cause I just am not a fancy-schmancy person and this town has a tendency to get snobby at some functions. That being said I will gladly report I had a nice time, I mean delicious food and free wine for two and a half hours? It can’t really be all that dreadful. But after it was done I was stuffed and ready to just relax while I could before bed so I could get up for work at seven and that left me not writing. I do plan to make up for that though by writing two times today, I’ll post some now and another later.

I wanted to challenge myself to do something I’ve never worked with again so I looked into dialogue only stories. It could be a disaster because I enjoy doing description but also wonderful cause the pressure of knowing what the right balance of said or says and the other ways you can intro dialogue kills me some days. But I guess we will see.


Dialogue Only 



“What? Nothing.”

“Really nothing? Cause you’ve been staring at me for at least half an hour, and you’re staring distracts you from the amazing foot message I was receiving.”

“You’re reading.”

“Is that what this big bound stack of papers is for? I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours.”

“Do you think it is the smartest idea to antagonize the person who knows exactly where you’re ticklish? Like right here…”

“Ack! Okay no! Stop!”


“Hey! No, not the whole thing, just the tickle thing, keep the message part. Please? Pretty plea…ah yes thank you. You’re magic.”

“You’re insatiable.”

“Not true and you know that, better than anyone might I add. And you’re avoiding.”

“Avoiding what?”

“Explaining yourself and your staring.”

“It’s nothing. I just like to watch you read.”

“Cause it’s the only time I am not talking?”

“No…well that is a bonus sometimes but mostly cause you’re face gets so relaxed and vulnerable. You express each emotion as it comes, I can tell when something makes you laugh or disturbs you or makes you question it. And you’re eyes…”

“What about my eyes?”

“They are this entrancing color of honey and whiskey combining their efforts, and when the light hits your face right it’s like they come close to glowing. I love watching them cross back and forth page over page.”

“Come here, kiss me.”


“Kiss me. My dad always told me that when a person makes your heart malfunction you kiss them.”

“I made your heart malfunction? That’s either really rude or really sweet, I am still trying to figure it out.”

“Sweet. I was saying you make my heart do things I don’t think it’s supposed to. It speeds up, skips a beat, slows down, stops…hell it might even do flips which is probably not good for me but I’ll live.”

“Come here, kiss me.”

“Oh now you get it do you?”



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