Can Better be a Support

Told you I’d be back! Gonna try to make this quick since I had Olive Garden for supper and that means I need to have a date with my fat pants and my couch pronto. For today’s second piece I went back to that prompt from the anonymous individual and re-worked it. I wasn’t completely happy or unhappy with it but I wanted to try a different angle. So this time instead of from the person checking in POV I went with one of her friends who she mentions, therefore it will feel pretty similar but also just different enough I think it might flow and read better.



This has to be the third, fourth, maybe even fifth different room you’ve been in. But you can tell it is endgame by the stoic white from floor to ceiling and the sheets and pillowcase adorning the bed. The only pop of color are the just ever so lightly beige cabinets and the harsh silver of the mirror. However despite its lack of attractive decor you can admit it could be worse. And you don’t even have to stay here so why it matters so much is silly.

Except for it’s not. You don’t have to stay here but you do have to leave your best friend here and that warrants an ability to be concerned. The relief you just had knowing this was the last stop evaporated as the reality of the final events became very real.

Whenever this gangly doctor and his absolutely ridiculous tie finished talking you and Rose will be asked to leave. You knew that was the plan and the outcome when Emma had asked you guys to drive her over and help her check in. It’s not like that was hidden or kept a surprise.

But it is entirely plausible you let yourself not dwell on that and avoided thinking about what that was going to feel like. You know you will never be able to understand exactly what Emma feels but you try so you can better be a support for her. This is brave of her, like damn brave, to know and admit you need help and to check oneself into a place that specializes in that.

If nothing you know that this place is good and safe but it still sucks knowing you’ll have to turn your back in order to leave today and let her get her help. You know she would never consider that as you abandoning her, she is aware that when she comes back home you and Rose will be there. She has no doubt in you guys just like you have no doubt in her strength and future.

The doctor takes his leave and gives you a final fifteen minutes. Finally you and Rose can tell he the jokes you whispered while he talked to her about her stay. You hear her full laugh and that sparkle in her eyes is nowhere near dull or dead. You never imagined her to give up that easily but this place is pretty intimidating and you wouldn’t judge her an ounce if she showed a semblance of fear.

A nurse comes to gather you and Rose, so you stand reluctantly and give her hugs that say the stuff you know you can’t let past your lips without quiver. In that embrace you let her know that you get this is scary but you’ll be here as much as she needs you, that she is badass and wonderful, and that hope is strong enough to reach the future.


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