What’s in a Name?

Oh do I hate Tuesdays that feel more like Mondays! I was all ready to face my 12+ hour day with my serious amounts of sleep I got (I went to bed at 8:30…this one does not do that often) but of course work was full of just busy and flustering things. So now that I have time to sit and write a little I am kinda fried on the brain front, which is why today I am borrowing from other blogs. I’ve seen a few people I follow doing ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’ which were created and made famous by Broke and Bookish and today’s seemed really fun. It’s about character names and I am a sucker for a good character name, I like to do my own based on people in my own life. It could be their first name, their middle, or just a character name I associate with them. I also steal from my all time favorite characters too, so if you ever see a Chloe in a future work of mine she is after Chloe Sullivan. Or a Kent would be after Clark Kent, things like that. However for the ‘Top Ten’ list I wanted to prepare for today’s writing I decided to go with names that made me more interested in getting to know a character.


Top Ten Character Names That Peaked my Interest in Them.

1. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter Series), the alliteration of double L’s combined with how dreamy it sounded gave me a good feeling this was going to be a fantastical character.

2. Georgia Nicolson (Georgia Nicolson Series), the name Georgie/Georgia for a female has fascinated me since I grew up hearing it on the show General Hospital that my mom watched pretty faithfully everyday. Throw that in with the hilarious titles of the series Georgia stars in you know it’s gonna be a good read.

3. Charles Bingley (Pride & Prejudice), similarly I’ve always adored the name Charles. Sounds so classy and regal to me, and Bingley is just too much fun to not want to know how a person with a combination of those two pans out.

4. Susan ‘Stargirl’ Caraway (Stargirl Series), I mean does this one need explanation? Classic name, classic book.

5. Colin Singleton (An Abundance of Katherines), the irony of his last name alone is perfect. I was also captured by Lindsey Wells but that’s just because she isn’t a Katherine.

6. Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones Series), I read the books after I saw the movies so I already knew Colin Firth played Mark & was in on the joke that Helen Fielding wrote Mark as a Fitzwilliam Darcy like counter part and now the guy who portrayed Mr. Darcy was Mark Darcy. But a character on paper is always a little different from on-screen so I wanted to see how Mark Darcy (I always say his full name, as should everyone else) lived up to his big shoes. Also we are not discussing what Helen did in her latest installment, for shame Ms. Fielding! For shame.

7. Lena Kaligaris (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series), It is so elegant and foreign, I wanted to know more about its, and by facto her, roots.

8. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games Series), his name sounds like a type of bread and his family owns a bakery, I mean come on.

9. Piggy (Lord of the Flies), if a kid is named Piggy you always want to know why, always.

10. Eleanor Douglas (Eleanor & Park), I am a sucker for names that seem generations older than the characters you’re reading. Plus with the big red hair on the cover I had to know what Eleanor was about.


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