A Gentle Heat

What a downer it is when the days you expect to be pretty chill and relaxed turn into the direct opposite. If I am honest I pondered skipping today but then I realized I was a week away from making it every day this month and I that’s a good push. Well that and I had an idea I knew I wanted to do before the week was out so I figured now was better since the idea is still pretty fresh.

Since it is Asexual Awareness Week I wanted to work an asexual character into a prompt this week. Over the last three to four years as I’ve studied and gotten more involved with the LGBTQA community I’ve gotten to become more educated on the vast spectrum of orientations and genders and I’ve loved every moment of it. Within that is asexuality and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet individuals who identify as such who are really awesome. They’ve inspired me to want to write asexual characters and work them into my writing, which is what I have tried below. It’s short but I wanted to sort of play with inner emotions thoughts during a small, but also important, moment.I hope I have done an okay job handling the material, and am open to any critique as to how I could make it better.




“Is this…is it okay?” Becca could feel his hand lose in hers, still questioning if his action was acceptable, seeking her consent. She would be lying if it wasn’t a little unnatural to her, dating wasn’t a commonly occurring event in her life so neither was touching like this. The date had been great so far; the movie was a light comedy so it helped released some stress between them both. This walk to Starbucks was the first little hiccup or question so far.

There was a gentle heat coming from his palm and it crawled up her arm, it felt nice. Becca knew Alex was a good guy, they had been in the same friends circle for almost a year now. It’s the only reason she had agreed to a date, he already knew she was asexual and had never treated her any different for it. Grinning she squeezed her own fingers tight around his and nodded as she said, “Yeah.”


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