Starting to Prep

Alright I promised to start working on using my NaNoWriMo novel and prep exercises as my daily writings to get myself more in the mindset of writing these subjects for long word lengths as well as for a whole month. And despite having all sorts of allergy crap going on today to the point my one eye is so itchy and red I wanted to stay committed, especially since the thing I found today works perfect if I do two items a day until the end of the month. So carry on I must. What I found was a ‘Last Minute NaNoWriMo Prep! Ten Tips to Help You Get Ready’ on the Book Geek Confessions blog. So yeah like I said I will be doing two points a day on here till November starts and then I will also try to do more in my free time. Hopefully it will be enough. :)



1. Where and How?
Where are you going to write? At your bedroom desk? The library? Local coffee shop? Neil Gaiman’s gazebo? (yes, I heard he has a gazebo in the woods and if I ever get the resources I will have a gazebo on a beach, because how awesome!)

Pick a spot where you can focus. A place that you can comfortably spend a few hours every day for a month without wanting to pull your hair out. 

And how are you going to compose your story? Long hand? Word document? Scrivener? This is extremely important. I wrote my first 4 drafts of my  current manuscript in Word, but a friend recommended Scrivener and I am using it for my rewrites and I LOVE it. You can go full screen, organize your manuscript by acts, scenes, etc. And when you’re done, Scrivener will do all the work to make sure that your finished work is formatted to industry standards.

–Where will likely change every day. I’ll likely do a lot at work since I am there everyday for a good chunk of my day, when at home I’ll do it either in my room where our wifi doesn’t work so I don’t have the distraction of the internet or at our kitchen table because the feel of a chair and table (like a desk) puts me in a nice writing mood. I might try out my library too if I find nothing works fantastically for me, I’ve always wanted to try that since I’ve been home and writing more.

The how is going to be a mix too. If I am away from a computer I’ll likely do some long hand writing in one of the note books I usually carry around with me. Then I’ll type it up later wherever I am storing most of my progress, either on my gmail drive so it can be accessible easily to add to or on my laptop. If I have nothing but my phone with then I’ll jot down ideas and stuff on a notepad there and then transfer it later. I think the jumping to and from will actually help me, not constantly seeing a word count can help and not be this pressure on me…but then at times I’d also like to know where I am so I’d like a word count. Maybe half way throughout I can find what exactly works best and then get in a routine at some point.

2. Write a Synopsis
Could be a sentence or it can be a page, but make sure you know what your story is about. This includes genre, main character and what it is that they want/need to achieve. This is your log line, your “elevator pitch,” something to get your idea on paper. Don’t get bogged down in details or specifics. Just the basics. What is your story about?

–I’ll share what I have posted on my NaNoWriMo; which is sort of work in progress but I think it works.

You know what they say, “life as a teenager is already difficult…” but then add in some dramatic event and boy oh boy does it take on a whole new level. For Royer Hubbert none of that is was case until her best friend Dylien comes out as trans. Then comes all sorts of levels; support, defending, and remaining a level-headed high school junior (which are already close to extinction as it is).

I do think it needs a little more work, more polish, but I do think it gets the most basic concept of the story across. It’s wording just needs some work probably, which if you have suggestions let me know cause I am more than open to them.



2 thoughts on “Starting to Prep

  1. Hi! I follow you on Tumblr (I’m hopebooksbulldogs). I’m so excited to find other people doing Nano! Go you for sticking it out with allergies. I’m coming down with a cold and it’s the worst trying to thick through cold medicine. Best wishes!

    • Thanks! I see that somehow I am not following you back so going to correct that! Hope that cold stays away & good luck on NaNoWriMo to you too!

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