Hopes & Characters

I feel like as each day winds down my fear and anxiety is supposed to double and heap on but today I feel surprisingly optimistic and positive. So with that said I am gonna get the questions done and dig into some more research and other prep.


3. What’s Do You Hope Happens?
On my computer and iphone you will find notes about all the things I want to happen in my book. I’m writing an Urban Horror Supernatural tale. Which is a genre that i just created, because it will be part urban fantasy and part supernatural horror. My notes read, “cabin in the woods with graves,” “girl covered in blood,” “do you know what your name is?”

You’re probably like, huh? But, I know what these notes mean and this week I will spend some time compiling my notes into a check list. These are scenes, events and dialogue that I want in my book.

Do the same. Write your self a dream list of all the cool scenes and actions you would love to include. Don’t worry, it’s not written in stone. It’s just ideas of things that will hopefully fit.

–When I got the idea for a YA trans book I knew three things; I wanted it to be from the POV of a close friend/family member of the trans individual, I wanted to flesh out the trans character so that their identifying as trans was a part of them but not ALL of them or their characters sole reason for existing, and I wanted them (both Royer & Dylien) to lose a friend due to a negative reaction.
I want this story to be as positive and welcoming and a good representation of trans youth for those kids that need to see themselves being in included in media, but at the same time I know a negative response is just as important to growth and understanding. And sadly it is just more realistic that they battle some resistance and push. So I decided early on when I was drafting out different characters and their purpose that one of them would have to choose to no longer be friends with Dylien and anyone that supported him. I don’t plan on having the character being over malicious or potentially violent, but the loss of that friendship will be a big thing for both Royer and Dylien and I am most looking forward to figuring out how I will navigate that part of the story.
My other real hope is to create a diverse cast of characters; in race, gender, orientation, personalities. I worry I might be trying too hard with some of the basic layouts I’ve created and it might feel forced but I am not sure I care? I just want to put out characters people can see themselves in that maybe they haven’t just yet.
4. Is Your story “All is Lost?” Starring Robert Redford?
All is Lost is a film about Robert Redford getting stuck at sea. He is the only character in the movie. Is this your story?

Probably not. At this point you probably know who your main character is. Maybe not everything, but an idea. Before Friday, it will be a very good idea to start to flush out your characters. Who is the villain? Why do they hate your protagonist? Whose the love interest? Why is their mother bugging them now? Get an idea of your team. You are going to be in their heads for at least four weeks. Get to know them a little, before jumping into bed with them!

–I’ve introduced you to Royer and Dylien already a few weeks back, and I know them pretty dang well at this point. But I can give at least names and relations to Royer and Dylien of the characters I do have.
  • Carol & Phillip = Royer’s parents. Vince = Royer’s older brother
  • Kathy & Chris = Dylien’s parents. No siblings for Dylien.
  • Nicole, Ariel, Michal, Lauren, Natalie, & Emma = Royer & Dylien’s close circle of female friends
  • Rob*, Jonathan Jeremiah, Kevin, & Alex = Royer & Dylien’s close circle of male friends.
  • Dr. Lindsay Walton = Dylien’s therapist
  • Mr. Stalton, Ms. Benders, Mr. Keaton, Mr. Mellham, & Mrs. Johnson = Teachers at Royer & Dylien’s school

*potential love interest for Royer (I am still really undecided about it).

So that’s it so far, I do have more about these characters flushed out, like their looks and their siblings/home life and who they are closest connected to and so on and so forth but I wanted to run down just the basics. Truth be told I am kinda giddy that I am sharing these with the world, hope you find them a little intriguing.


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