Conflict in a New City

Gloomy days like today are the days I love to lock myself away and let ideas flow. Sadly I’ve been stuck at work and so busy I can barely think of the task at hand let alone the intricacies of a story. But now that is starting to slow down I want to get my writing done for today before it maybe picks back up or I get far to lazy.




5. Conflict.
After figuring out what’s going to happen and who it’s going to happen to…double check that there is some conflict. One of the worst things to happen to me was when an Emmy award nominated professor turned to me and said “I almost worried that you didn’t understand conflict. Nothing happens in your script.”

Make sure your characters butt heads. How do your characters connect? What is the major problem? What are the smaller disputes, feuds and contentions? Conflict is the most important aspect of storytelling. If your character’s back is never up against the wall, what is the point of us reading about them?

–Aside from the conflict of a negative reaction from a friend that I spoke of yesterday I do have a few other conflicts in mind. One being a faculty member that does not support things like a GSA in the school or uni-sex bathrooms, an adult presence that is a hurdle for Dylien, Royer, and company.

I also plan to have some little things between Dylien and Royer, just small things that result in little tiff or arguments. Nothing drastic but something that is realistic in a friendship that is as close and strong as Dylien and Royer’s.

6. Where Is This Taking Place?
The Streets of Paris? The Mountains of Ireland? The deserts of Abu Dhabi? Time to figure this out and do some research. A 16-year-old New Yorker is a lot different from a young Irish lad. The way they speak and dress, what they eat, etc will all be different.

–I’ve created a fictional town for this story. I am not sure if it is because I am afraid to use a real place that people can really identify and call out any little errors I might make or if I just really like the idea of creating a place of my own. I’ve named the city Ann-Elizabeth and set it in Arizona, just because I’ve never been to Arizona so I thought I’d take my characters somewhere I’ve yet to travel. A real life comparable would be Lincoln, Nebraska as far as population and overall atmosphere and community. I know Lincoln pretty decently from my four years at college there so that air and vibe I can pull from but also the research I will do on Arizona and make Ann-Elizabeth come to life.


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