Making the Plans

Oh hey look at me starting a day’s writing before seven at night! But I have a couple of hours between shifts so I thought I’d do it now and maybe dedicate the free time I usually manage to use on writing to more research and planning. So let’s just dive into those questions shall we?



It doesn’t have to be everything. Not every scene, but have a general idea of the order of events. Where will your character be in the beginning, in the middle and the end.

Remember the three act structure. Plot your inciting incident, your midpoint twist, crisis and resolution. These are the four most important aspects of your outline. Don’t get so caught up in characterization that you have nothing for your flushed out characters to do!

–Consider this one checked off. I do think I could use a smidge better of an outline but I at least to have a pretty good one planned out. I will start just before Royer and Dylien’s junior year of high school, where Dylien comes out and prepares to start the process of transitioning. The middle point is what I need to refine more, I know it will be a school/peer related issue I just have to figure out its exact  inner workings. And I plan to end roughly a year from where it started, when Dylien is receiving good news about the next step in his transition. So yeah it’s basic and rough but at least I have something.

8. Get Yourself a Look Book.
One of the hardest things for me as a writer is description. Do your main characters often meet in a bar? Get on google images and get some pics of a that type of bar saved on your computer, so you can always envision it.

My main character works at one of those all-purpose gas stations. You know, the ones where you can get some jeans, a pair of shoes and a turkey while pumping gas. I am compiling images of those, so I can open it up and see it whenever I am writing.

Do this for locations, characters, clothes, etc. Is your main character a metrosexual, but you are flannel type of guy? See what Ryan Seacrest or the up and coming actor wears on the red carpet, at the supermarket, etc. This is the internet age you can find a pic of everything!

–This is an idea I had not thought of prior to prepping for NaNoWriMo. It is something I am working on, gathering images of Arizona so I can describe landscapes or whether properly, using layouts of high schools I’ve been in to map out that, and of course knowing what the stages of an FtM trans looks like so I can get the descriptions of the changes in Dylien right. This is a process I think will be really helpful and am glad I was alerted to it.


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