A Fire Inside

And I’m back for round two today! I hope you all had or are still having a great Halloween, mine is gonna end with me on the couch eating some candy I bought at work and watching any sort of ghost hunters show I can find on TV. I’ll also probably do a bit more prep for tomorrow and try to get to bed before the time gets into the single digits. So again thank you guys for being in my sidecar on this little journey and let’s wrap it up.




9. Goals and Rewards.
We know the ultimate goal is 50k words in 30 days, but set some smaller goals and give yourself a reward. The most common practice is probably giving yourself a small gift every 5k words you complete. This can be a book,  a bag of candy…anything that can motivate you.

You may want to put another award at the end of the 30 days as well. The ultimate reward is of course 50k, BUT you can talk yourself out of that. You can always say things like ‘well, I don’t have to get 50k now, I can just keep writing in December.”

No, give yourself more incentive if you think you may talk yourself out of it. Perhaps you should say “if I finish this book I can buy that expensive purse I’ve had my eyes on and walked past three times last week.” You know what I mean. Treat yourself to something. Give yourself the ultimate reward that you can afford.

–I had thought for every 5k I might allow myself to read some fanfiction since that is usually always my weakness when I am trying to be productive. Day-to-day it might be just me meeting 2k and then I can indulge in Tumblr or just shut off my brain from this world I am creating. There will obviously be food and booze incentives too, cause all things should have food and booze incentives. I haven’t thought of a goal for if/when I reach 50k, the big thing I wanted to do this year was sign up and commit to LeakyCon and I’ve already done that. I can’t think of anything else I really want but am depriving myself of…however maybe through the month I will figure it out and then make it my big end goal. I’ll let you know. :)

10. Commit.
I think the most important thing you can do is commit yourself to the journey that is writing a novel in one month. This novel may be something you have been trying to do for years. That thought you’ve had in the back of your mind that you never had the chance to do. Or perhaps you just want to challenge yourself and finally finish something!

Just commit. Commit your time, your focus and your energy to this challenge and you’ll succeed.

–I have every intention of committing to this. October was my test for myself to see if I can push myself to keep up with writing every day and so far I’ve yes missed possibly once but I then put double effort into another day. And I can’t promise I will win NaNoWriMo but I know that I can feel a fire inside myself to prove something. To prove that all my talk over half my life can live up to the hopes and dreams I spew, to prove to myself I can do this and it’s silly to be so afraid of failure and not being good enough. I am fed up with idealizing the concept of doing this and ready to do it.


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