Not a Bad Start

Hello! Gosh it’s been a little weird adjusting from opening this site everyday to write to briefly checking stuff on my phone app when I have the time! I thought that maybe it’d be nice to give you guys a little bit of an update of my NaNoWriMo journeys thus far.

We are five days in and this morning I skipped across the 10,000 words mark, which is actually a dead ahead of schedule if you try to go by the 1,667 average a day you would need to ensure 50,000 by November 30th. Are all 10,000 of mine great? Hell no. I can already tell when some of it is pretty crap but I just need to work through that and worry about editing later.

I said this on Tumblr the other day but the ‘leave your inner editor at the door’ advice I read somewhere was the best I got before starting. Typically when I write I like to edit as I write (spoiler: I am a HORRIBLE proof reader) and so I can spend an hour on a single paragraph and then lose my flow. But I’ve managed to mostly push past that instinct and just let whatever words and story is running around in my head fall out through my fingers.

That being said there is some stuff I am really happy with. I am exploring this world in a way I didn’t know I could or would ever do. I am learning more about these characters as I let them grow and build more. I get really energized when I get going on a roll and when I am seeing scenes fully play out when before I just had glimpses.

However what I am most proud of myself for is my commitment to everything. Each day I mentally block out an hour or two where I know I will sit down and write. I’ve also discovered the best place for me to write is at our kitchen table, something about desk like situations make me focus and get in a zone. It was one thing to write for half an hour to an hour at most everyday in October, but to buckle down and sink my teeth into one project for an hour at minimum each day and return day after day; it takes a little control.

It’s most definitely been a process, but one that so far has been pleasant and one I think that will make me better in a lot of various ways. I can’t wait to see where the remaining 25 days take me and my story and my characters but I am pretty excited about it.


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