Trucking Along

So I don’t know if everyone wants them but I thought every five days I’d try to update where I am at NaNoWriMo wise. This week was filled with a few days where motivation was just hiding and hard to find but I made sure to sit down and write no matter what. Which means a good amount of what I pumped out this week is probably not great but then again there is some stuff I really am happy with.

One thing is for sure; I now know that my novel needs more strict direction and planning. It’s like I am just writing one-offs of scenes from the lives of these characters and working in plot points here and there. But for now I am not going to over worry about these things, I am just going to keep working and writing away and save focusing on that stuff later when I am in an editing process.

As of today I have passed the 20,000 word mark and I am pretty dang proud of it. It puts me not one but two days ahead of the average word count and gives me a nice cushion should I really need them. My total for the week was 14,338 and never did I dream I would knock out that many in the whole month let alone a week! I at random added two new characters on the spot too, one might become semi-permanent but the other I am pretty sure is a one time character. But it’s still interesting to see what can occur when in the zone and writing versus what you had planned.

Hope you all are having a great month thus far, and if you are participating in NaNoWriMo I hope that it is treating you well and you’re getting out of it what you were looking for!


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