An Existence Between Behind & Ahead.

Remember how I said I would update every five days and then only did it the first two times? Yeah….oops.

Although to be fair NaNoWriMo is a special form of bizarre that demands a ton of time but also forces you to fully enjoy the rare moments of free time you get.

I spent a good chunk of the month ahead of average word but I fell flat a few days and then had to do play catch up. However with the holiday yesterday (which I hope you all enjoyed if you celebrate!) I was given an entire day to see what I was made of.

And I won NaNoWriMo! I had my most productive writing day too, it was crazy. When I had set my mind to participating in this years challenge last year I never put stock in the idea I would be as proactive as I was let alone win the dang thing.

It was a wish I had, and something I thought would help me be a little more driven and positive about a dream I’ve gone back and forth believing in for most of my life. I took a firm reign of a plan and process to help me in September and began to implement it in October. Those things, and the amazing support of some people in my life, were exactly what I needed.

Now there are still two days left in the month and I could extend my word count but I am not sure I actually will. A few more ideas and scenes have come to me since I put away my word doc last night but I don’t know how inclined I am to write them in full.

A thing I am sure of is that my “novel” is no where near great or ready to be an actual possible novel. I succumbed to the fact that what I was writing was more along the lines of scenes from my novel, things that could potentially exist in a final draft but they would be altered and rearranged for sure.

What got me was a weak plot outline. I had one but it was super vague and nothing concrete to follow, so it allowed me and my brain to wander and get a little lost more times than not. However I am not ashamed of that, I at least kept going and kept creating plot points for these characters to live out. And some of my stuff I am really happy and proud of.

Going in I knew this adventure was bound to push my ability to be positive, to believe in myself, and to keep writing even when I was flat out of ideas or energy. But luckily I had people in my life asking about my progress or my story and I don’t know if they realize how much that means to me. To know people at least care or are interested enough to casually ask is a great boost in myself and my creative juices.

For most of the time leading up to NaNoWriMo I was sure I would make a decent start and then fizzle fast. But somehow, and mostly sheer determination to not fail, I kept at it and finished and won. As a first year NaNoWriMo experience I could not be more pleased with it.

I plan on writing a more detailed ‘after’ blog where I might share some excerpts, what rewards I’ve settled on for myself, and plans now that it is all over. But I wanted to give an update since I am incredibly overdue for one. :)

Once again I hope those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a fantastic and delicious filled day! And for those that partake in Hanukkah I hope you had a great first day of the celebration! The only thing on my immediate, must-do agenda is spend some quality time with my friends who are home for the holiday cause I miss their faces like insanely so!


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