Diagnosis: 2014. Outlook: Good.

To start this post I looked back on my resolution post from last year and while I am not a “healthier me who is published, more well-read, less of a mental recluse, and unafraid to be afraid” I am better version of myself than I was 365 days ago. I think that by making that post and my resolutions last year I grew up a bit and took more responsibility for things as well as my own goals and wishes. I think some of the things I took on and accomplished in the last year speak to that growth and that makes me a really happy person. As I said last post 2013 was interesting for me, it wasn’t a banner year but it was in no way bad to me either so I am really content with how 2013 ended up. And typically I am weary of going into even-numbered years because I favor odd numbers so I always tread lightly with the evens, but I have this bubble within me that says 2014 is gonna be good and I am looking forward to all that I am to face.

Which is a good transition into talking about resolutions. I look back at last year and the ones I made and how seeing them posted everyday on my mirror reminded me of the challenge I set out for myself and I am really proud of the fact that while none of them had definitive outcomes that marked a successful try I feel like I accomplished the majority of them. But at the same time it put a new pressure of me and the resolutions I would be making this year to live up to that result and effort. I don’t know if that’s fair to me, and I tried not to let that bother me while I constructed this list, but it’s a new experience for me. So let’s just take a gander at my list and pick through them just a little;

Resolutions for 2014

  1. Blog Better. More regularly and maybe on topics people who read are interested in.
  2. Actively make healthier choices. Exercise, like at all, and better food choices. Maybe aim to lose 30ish pounds.
  3. Take more risks & say yes more.
  4. Brush up on my German and teach myself American Sign Language  (ASL).
  5. Keep up with the openness of my thoughts & feelings, as well as spreading positive vibes.

If you’re wondering why I again have picked five, it’s because five is a number personally important and attractive to me. I’ve always been drawn to it and it started my preference of odd numbers. The comfort and familiarity of five makes the resolutions seem easier and less daunting.

But I digress, number one is a play off of last years ‘Write More’ resolution which I did but this year I felt it was important to narrow down that concept some. If I zero in on a medium maybe it will produce some new and good results. And while I could have picked fiction to hone that skill more I really want to pay more attention to my blog and what I do with it. I know my reading base is nowhere near huge but I am thankful for every person that takes the time to read and I want to be leaving better stuff for them to read. Maybe even write in effort to cater towards those that take the time to click my links and read my rambles. So look for that, I might be asking your thoughts and taking requests for what you’d like to see me write about on here, and try to write enough so the blog never goes more than two weeks without an update.

Two is that return of the dreaded health and fitness stuff. I thought by actually putting in exercise as a requirement instead of a thought it might push me to actually do it. I have downloaded some apps on my phone for quick and easy work outs so hopefully the convenience of that will make that effort easier. I also put down the number (30ish pounds) as a further commitment and encouragement of myself. Last I weighed myself I am at right around 220 and while I am not overly uncomfortable or hating my body I know I could stand to lose weight to be healthier, and personally I would like to be back around 200 or under. So that one is going to be an actual process that involves sweat and dedication that I hope I can muster and then maintain.

As far as three I’ve always been a person who thinks over nearly everything to death. I over analyze situations and possible outcomes before I will give an answer. I by no means want to be a person who just says yes without any thought (not that there is anything wrong with that if you are but it would never work for me) but I would like to be able to not get so caught up in ‘what if’s’ and ‘possible scenarios’ or ‘is this a responsible choice?’ and maybe occasionally just say yes to last-minute trips or laying down silly amounts of money on things I know I’ll enjoy. I also wouldn’t hate to be a person who takes more risks in matters of love/sex/relationships. I am growing up and coming to terms I really do wish I could have a stable dating life or one solid relationship so hopefully I am presented with some opportunities to take those risks.

Four started out as just wanting to teach myself ASL because it’s a language I’ve been fascinated by since I was little and always regretted not taking in high school where it was offered. I can’t really explain why I am drawn to it but I figure enough is enough and after all these years of being so intrigued by something I should just learn about it and be able to dive into that world. But I threw in brushing up on German because at Christmas I had to ask my aunt about simple words that I had let myself forget and that made me sad. I adore the German language and have spent four years (two in high school and two in college) learning the language and I hate that I let myself get disconnected with it. I am not great at learning foreign languages but I never want to lose what I have learned in German or the connection I have with it.

And last is a combo of last years four and five, I want to carry those dynamics over  because I think they were very important tools of my growth in the last year and I don’t want to abandon them. I think being more aware of my feelings and thoughts and how those affected me and my relationships with people were a huge core to my shift this past year. Being more in touch with those things forced my hand in situations for the better and I do not want to lose that or go backwards at all. So I kept them around as a thing to be constantly aware of and to continue to help me grow.

So yeah, there you have it. My resolutions for 2014! I’ve seen some really inedible lists of resolutions from others and they inspire me more and more to post mine and tackle them with abandon. I hope that everyone is having a peaceful and relaxing New Years Day, one that let’s them prepare for the year ahead of us and all our goals. Like last year below is a shot of my goals being physical and signed by me as a sign of my commitment. Best of luck to you all in every little thing you choose to take on in 2014. :)



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