A Little, Self-Indulgent Journey

Right, so here we are 11 days into the new year and I hope everyone is enjoying it. I mean truth be told I’ve been a little “eh” about my own personal experience so far but I think I am coming down with something so that never helps keep the positive thoughts up. However it is by far not a bad 11 days, I even took some steps forward on my resolutions so that’s always a good thing to remember. Like I bought a book on learning ASL and after I participate in the Reblog Book Club for this month I plan to dive into that fully, I’ve been drinking more water (not only water but hey it’s a baby step), and this blog contributes to blogging more. So yeah, not a bad start.

The thing I really wanted to talk about though is  a bit silly and self-indulgent. So since I was in middle school (I think) I’ve done this thing where I count down the days until my birthday starting at 55, my favorite number, typically by writing the number on my hand each day. Last year I did a thing with my Instagram where I kept updating with images, and it was fun and hopefully only annoyed a few people, but I thought I kinda wanted to up the game this year. So I racked my brain one night and something I came up with was, to share a fact about me each day. Just a small thing I can include in the picture caption, but maybe elaborate on here on the blog.

Like I said it’s a little self-indulgent because who says anyone cares about learning 55 little facts about me? Am I really that spectacular that people need to know or even care? Likely not, but it’s fun and I figure some people might get a kick out of it and it helps with the blogging resolution, so I am going to do it. Which is where you guys come in, I’ve not constructed a list of the facts I plan to share yet and I figure if people are going to be forced to endure this little idea for 55 days maybe I should take my ques from them. So if you’re reading this and don’t already want to run screaming in the other direction and maybe have something you want me to answer leave it in the comments or send it through the Contact Me page.

The countdown starts January 15th and I am excited for this little adventure. I am a huge birthday person, if that wasn’t clear already with the obnoxious countdown, so I am all for spreading out that celebration. This is gonna be fun, hopefully you agree and don’t want to smack me by the end.  Enjoy your Saturday all!


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