Let the countdown begin!

It’s Wednesday, January 15th & that makes it 55 days until my 24th birthday! Which means today is also the start of me sharing a fun fact a day about me until I add a notch in my age belt. So let’s start shall we?


Birthday Countdown Fun Facts

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number. // When I started deciding I wanted a favorite number I was deep in my love of The Spice Girls and since there were 5 of them I thought ‘yeah that can be my favorite number’. But then it seemed so basic, generic, and not fun so I figured two fives were better than one and I just made 55 my number. 





And we are off! I am excited for this little adventure and I hope some of you are too, at least I hope you don’t get too annoyed too fast. Again if you have a fact you’d like me to share over the course of these next 55 days feel free to leave it in the comment or under the Contact Me page at the top of my blog. I am excited to see what might come in! See you tomorrow! :)


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