50 // 6

This week is going to be all about firsts. It was an idea suggested to me on Twitter & I thought it was fun. And since I binged watched the first season of The Mindy Project yesterday that inspired today.

Days left 50, fun fact number six at your service.

Birthday Countdown Fun Facts.

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number.
54: I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states.
53: I have zero knowledge about my biological ancestry.
52: My left arm is longer than my right arm.
51. I’ve never seen any of ‘The Matrix’ series. 

50. The first TV show I binge watched was ‘NCIS’. // Before college I had never even thought of binge watching, or had the right resources really. But freshman year of college my roommate and I discovered USA network had a great line up of afternoon shows when we had no classes. I quickly became obsessed with NCIS & leading up to Christmas break I got my hands on all the seasons already done (1-5) and the ones of the current season that had aired. Then at break I binged like it was my job. Still watch the show religiously cause I’ve yet to fall out of love with it.


Since then I’ve binged on many, many, a TV show. It’s probably not a healthy habit, and for a long time it wasn’t something you really admitted to, but whatever. It makes me happy and is fairly harmless. More tomorrow. :)


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