49 // 7

More firsts coming to you!

Days left 49, &fun fact seven is ready to be published.

Birthday Countdown Fun Facts.

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number.
54: I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states.
53: I have zero knowledge about my biological ancestry.
52: My left arm is longer than my right arm.
51. I’ve never seen any of ‘The Matrix’ series. 
50. The first TV show I binge watched was ‘NCIS’.

49. The first book that left an actual impression on me was ‘Stephanie’s Ponytail’. // I don’t fully remember who first introduced me to the book but I know I got it through those awesome book fair flyers you got in elementary school. I first liked it because my best friends name is Stephanie but when I read it & got the message I really fell in love. It was then that I started to understand the importance and power of being your own person. To not fall prey to trends and peer pressure and to know who you are and not be afraid of that.


It’s easily one of the best lessons I learned when I was younger and am glad it is still a thing I carry with me today. Yeah books! :)


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