47 // 9

This one can also be a little bit of a throwback Thursday moment too.

Days left 47, &fun fact number nine is here.

Birthday Countdown Fun Facts.

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number.
54: I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states.
53: I have zero knowledge about my biological ancestry.
52: My left arm is longer than my right arm.
51. I’ve never seen any of ‘The Matrix’ series. 
50. The first TV show I binge watched was ‘NCIS’.
49. The first book that left an actual impression on me was ‘Stephanie’s Ponytail’. 
48. The first CD I ever bought with my own money was Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’. 

47. The first time I ever flew on a plane was when I was sixteen & took a trip to Florida with a friend and her family. // It was a simple little long weekend trip that my friend’s mom had suggested. We didn’t do anything extravagant but hang out on the beach and to some typical sight-seeing in Daytona Beach at little markets but it was a nice trip away from the same old routine of high school. And for me it was fun to finally experience the whole adventure of flying, which thankfully went off without a hitch and I’ve never had problems flying since.













It’s kinda funny because the next time I’ll be on a plane is also when I go to Florida in July (unless I decide to throw some responsibility to the wind and go to Comic Con also in July) so it’s a nice little full circle moment.


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