38 // 18

Weekend is here! I’ll start enjoying mien as soon as I get off work later, but you go ahead and start without me.

38 days left, fun fact 18;

Birthday Countdown Fun Facts.

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number.
54: I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states.
53: I have zero knowledge about my biological ancestry.
52: My left arm is longer than my right arm.
51. I’ve never seen any of ‘The Matrix’ series. 
50. The first TV show I binge watched was ‘NCIS’.
49. The first book that left an actual impression on me was ‘Stephanie’s Ponytail’. 
48. The first CD I ever bought with my own money was Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’. 
47. The first time I ever flew on a plane was when I was sixteen & took a trip to Florida with a friend and her family. 
46. The first celebrity crush I had was Lance Bass from *NSYNC. 
45. The first “formal” dance I went to was my freshman winter formal called “Snowball” because we are small town honkey-dory like that.
44. The first musical I ever saw on stage was ‘RENT’.
43. Despite being a huge boom fiend I don’t have an actual book shelf so my books are showcased in a sad manor.
42. The only sport I ever enjoyed participating in was volleyball. 
41. For a long time I was sure I would one day become a pastry chef. 
40. At current standing I have seven tattoos and it likely will not end till I am totally covered.
39. My ‘can’t live without’ make-up is eyeliner.

38.  I have some amazingly talented friends. // Like Lindsay for example who just launched a new website for her killer fashion blogging. You should most definitely mosey on over and check her out at http://www.lmariesytyle.com. She has for as long as I can remember loved fashion and always crushed it in her looks and outfits. She is gonna be a big, huge, deal I can feel it so you might as well be one of the people who can say you knew about her before she was famous and styling stars for the red carpet.











I mean I am hella lucky to have her around because I like to think I know a little about style but lord knows she saves me more often than not. Have a lovely Saturday ladies and gents! :)


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