27 // 29

Happy Hump Day! I keep thinking it is a day ahead of what it really is all week though so who knows…

27 days left, fun fact 29 is ready;

Birthday Countdown Fun Facts.

55: The Spice Girls are directly related to 55 being my favorite number.
54: I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states.
53: I have zero knowledge about my biological ancestry.
52: My left arm is longer than my right arm.
51. I’ve never seen any of ‘The Matrix’ series. 
50. The first TV show I binge watched was ‘NCIS’.
49. The first book that left an actual impression on me was ‘Stephanie’s Ponytail’. 
48. The first CD I ever bought with my own money was Shania Twain’s ‘Come On Over’. 
47. The first time I ever flew on a plane was when I was sixteen & took a trip to Florida with a friend and her family. 
46. The first celebrity crush I had was Lance Bass from *NSYNC. 
45. The first “formal” dance I went to was my freshman winter formal called “Snowball” because we are small town honkey-dory like that.
44. The first musical I ever saw on stage was ‘RENT’.
43. Despite being a huge boom fiend I don’t have an actual book shelf so my books are showcased in a sad manor.
42. The only sport I ever enjoyed participating in was volleyball. 
41. For a long time I was sure I would one day become a pastry chef. 
40. At current standing I have seven tattoos and it likely will not end till I am totally covered.
39. My ‘can’t live without’ make-up is eyeliner.
38.  I have some amazingly talented friends. 
37. I love me some football but when it comes down to it today I have no favorite or preference. Just here for the commercials and New Girl episode after.
36. My favorite fruit is raspberry.
35. My favorite vegetable is a radish. 
34. My favorite smell is coffee grounds.
33. My (top 3) favorite words are farce,cunt, and lackadaisical.
32. My favorite amusement park ride is the ferris wheel.
31. My (top 2) favorite short stories are ‘The Story of an Hour’ and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’. 
30. My favorite physical feature is my hair.
29. The top five places I most want to visit are Koln, London, Greece, Rome, &  Vancouver.
28. If I had the money I would probably just keep going back to school and get a ton of degrees.

29. I have had nearly every color under the sun in my hair but I always return to red. // I’ve had a love for red hair/gingers for as long as I can remember. Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, is to blame too cause she was the first person I ever saw and just said, “I have to have that hair!”. My mom being sensible would not allow a fourth grader to dye her hair, but we compromised with some cherry kool-aide for Halloween that year and it was bomb. I even got to let it stay for a few days before one of my teachers threw a fit and recommend I go home and fix it because it was a distraction. Rude. Since then I’ve been red (in varying shades to natural copper to Ariel red) a few times and I’ve been pink and blue and purple and black. I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair, and especially the color, so I never worry about doing something cause I just like to see what my hair is capable of. And just recently I went a year and a half without dying my hair (it is impressive, trust me) so today I went in and brought back the red!


For someone who was born a platinum blonde I’ve come a long ways! Now I just need it to grow faster cause I am really missing my length. Also, nothing beats having your hair done. Particularly when you have a fabulous hair dresser, which I do in Abby. I’ve been going to her for like eight years now, and I don’t let anyone but Abby touch my hair now so the day I move away is going to be so scary, and she is so good to me and my locks. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, I have brand new hair to fawn over and play with! :)


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