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I thought there might be more separation anxiety going from posting everyday for 55 days to total radio silence, but there was little I am sort of sad to say. However I do blame most of that on coming down from the hype of my birthday, embracing all the Veronica Mars feelings with the movie finally coming out and completely rocking my world, and then the plotting and putting together my new “project”. Which is exactly what I am going to talk about now;

While my 24th birthday was approaching I realized one day how that means next I am 25. That will make me “mid-twenties”, make me a quarter of a century old! I know it’s not old by any standard but it made me think, “Gosh, I’ve lived nearly 1/4 of my life and what do I really have to show for it?” I mean yeah sure I have a college degree that I worked hard for, but what else? So that got me thinking that I have all of my 24th year to do something I am proud of.

Combine that with one day at work a customer brought up “Random Acts of Kindness” because she had been shown one and now was waiting to return the favor, I remembered how I’ve always wanted to do something like that but I always manage to think of it after I’ve had the opportunity. And that was when I decided I would do something charity related for my 25th birthday. I mulled over exactly what I wanted to do and how to make it work and here is what I came up with;


By the time I turn 25 I will have donated $25.00 a piece to 25 different charities or foundations.

I’ve already picked out the first ten groups that I will put my money towards in the coming 356 days, they are personal picks based on their closeness to my heart and to people in my life whom they directly help/affect and I wanted to share them with you.

1. To Write Love on Her Arms. // Vision Page Donation Page

TWLOHA is an organization that has been in my life for about six or seven years now and is something that has helped myself and my friends through times in our lives. It is something I believe in whole heartily and it was a not a question I’d be donating to them.

2. The Trevor Project. // About Page Donation Page

Trevor does amazing things for the LGBT youth community, specifically their focus on crisis and suicide prevention. It’s an organization I would love to work for cause I think the work they do is some of the most important, which is also why I didn’t hesitate to add them to this list.

3. Breast Cancer Research Foundation. // Mission Page Donation Page

I have been lucky enough to have never directly been affected by Breast Cancer through myself or my family members, but friends of mine have not been so lucky and for them I choose to make this a priority to donate to. I choose the Research Foundation because I know that my money is going directly into research for a cure.

4. National Kidney Foundation. // About Page Donation Page

One of my good friends is faced with Kidney Disease and over the years I’ve been fortunate to know her she has battled it with wit and grace. She is one of the most generous and strong people I know and in being her friend I’ve developed into a better person. I got to do a Kidney Walk with her one year and it was really rewarding and so to be able to give to a group that works on prevention, treatment, and awareness was an easy decision.

5. National Foundation for Autism Research. // About Page Donation Page

For years growing up my mom worked with developmentally delayed individuals and my exposure to them helped me to understand their world a little better, as has watching one of my bosses and her son who lives with Autism over the years I’ve worked for her. I choose NFAR because of their dedication to improving the quality of the lives of individuals living with Autism.

6. Reading is Fundamental. // About Page Donation Page

As an only child I spent a large amount of my time with my head in a book. Reading was, and still is, one of my favorite things to do. Encouraging young kids to read, and enjoy it furthermore, is something I think should be mandatory. The wealth of magic and fun books can hold has influenced me a lot in who I am and I knew I needed to have an organization focused on reading on the list.

7. The Representation Project // About Page Donation Page

Something I learned I am passionate about in college was representation based on gender. When working on my minor in LGBT/Sexuality studies I discovered that studying gender and sex and the expectations those labels place on us at such young ages was something that just brought out strong feelings within myself. Gender roles and expectations are so damaging to everyone and I think what the Representation Project aims to do with their work is crucial to raising happier and healthier kids, who will eventually become the future.

8. Save the Elephants // About Page Donation Page

I have adored and been fascinated by elephants for most of my life. I am not sure what drew me to them first but it stuck with me. I knew I wanted to include them in my list and when researching groups that helped elephants STE came up and it was an easy choice. The work they do in preserving the areas where elephants live so the species can live on for many years is really incredible. Hopefully someday my life will provide me with the opportunity to interact with these beautiful animals, till then I am more than happy to give my money to a group that helps protect them.

9. Wolf Haven International // About Page Donation Page

Safe to say a large part of my life I’ve been heavily invested fictional worlds, a fangirl if you will, so I figured this list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include that aspect of my life in some way. So I chose to take a current favorite (Teen Wolf) and find a way to work it in. Luckily enough other fans of the show have donated on the show, cast, and crew’s behalf and they picked Wolf Haven International. Good enough for them is good enough for me, plus after checking out their website and all that they do for these wolf packs I was definitely on board to including them.

10. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society // About Page Donation Page

As well as the TV show aspect I wanted to see if any of the actors from Teen Wolf had charities or foundations they supported because it’s the ultimate level cool when an actor lends their time and voice to a cause. So happens the main character, Tyler Posey, has spoken out for LLS and done some really great work for them in the past. As a fan I like to support people I admire and watching and enjoying their work sometimes doesn’t seem like enough to me so if I can help something they care about I am more than willing.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “Well ten isn’t even half way. What about the other 15?” Which those are great questions, I’m glad you thought of them. Since I always like to extend the offer to participate in my little projects what I want to do is ask you guys to name the remaining 15 groups.

I know there are a ton of great organizations out there that deserve donations and I want to hear where you could put your money if you could, or where you do and think I should too. So here’s the plan, between now and April 30tht I will be accepting suggestions for the remaining 15 spots on my list. Drop them off at my Contact Me page here on the blog or any other way you know of communicating with me. You don’t have to explain why, but if you want to go right ahead. All I ask for is a website that I can read all about the group on and how to donate to them.

If when I total up all the suggestions on May 1st and there are more than 15 I’ll post a poll where votes can be taken and then the top 15 with the most votes will be the rest of my list. If there are less than 15 waiting for me I will take in all the suggestions I do have and fill in the missing slots with more groups of my choice. I am really excited to see what you guys have to suggest, to see what other amazing charities are out there in the world doing good that I might not even be aware of.

The plan is that throughout the next year I will donate sporadically to just be kinder to my bank account, and each time I do I will screenshot the donation as proof and share them. I also want to keep open this dialogue about donation and what all these groups do for people everyday and the impact being on both sides (donating // receiving donations) and what that does for a person.

I said to someone once that all I want to do while I am here; alive and breathing is to make the world just a tiny bit better than it was before I arrived. To leave a positive impact on someone(s) and maybe make their life even just the smallest bit happier is at the end of the day all I really want. I don’t require a big or lasting impression, just enough that I can bring out a smile.

And so that’s that, my next adventure I’m taking on. It’s a little daunting but a lot exciting which I think is an alternate definition of life as well. I don’t know how far wide this is going to spread, I’d like to dream it would get a little mileage but that’s not the important aspect. The vital part is that I accomplish this goal I’ve set for myself in sort of proving something of my worth, but even more so the donations to these groups who do so much for so many.

My excitement to hear your suggestions and get started is next level, so let’s do it! This is the official start to the ’25/25/25′ project!


I drew up a contract & signed it too cause I am a dork like that.


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