Realization Steps

When  you take on something big, no matter how you personally define that, I’ve always felt like there are stages of it becoming more and more real. Like when I graduated, both high school and college, it took steps and process for it to really sink it. Things like finales and last dances and creating speeches and signing up for my place to walk and finally getting the diplomas. And something I tend to do when dealing with goals or ideas is that I keep them inside or hidden for a long time. I think it’s a mix of if I say it I have to live up to it and that pressure is crazy and also I know it’s a “realization step” and that can be scary. However I’ve gotten better because through a few experiments I’ve tested out the waters of letting a lot of people know about a goal and it’s not been as terrifying as I had anticipated, I took for granted how supportive the people in my life can be.

There is also the aspect that mulling it over in my head for a while lets me sort out details and plan accordingly. Which was a major benefit in setting up my ‘Project 25’, I spent a few months breaking the idea and then putting things together as far as logistics and how I could make it not all about me but also others and charities they were passionate about. My first “realization step” was to put together my ten groups and gather all their information so that I could share them and the initial post with everyone. It was something that made me giddy and excited because I was making it happen and not just in my head.

Launching it though, that was a real rush of emotion. It was a nervousness running through me as I hit the “publish” button but watching the reactions and support roll in squashed that bit by bit. And then it just began to build a mound of happy and positive feelings because it was nice to have those comments and thoughts, it wasn’t that I craved a pat on the back or praise for this idea but just that people believed I was capable of doing it. And so far I’ve not had a negative reaction (to my face) and I’ve already gotten to hear about some really interesting and cool organizations that people have shared with me to fill out the remaining 15 spots.

But today I take another step in letting it all sink it because I did my first of the 25 donations.



For now I just plan to make my way down my first ten groups and that means To Write Love On Her Arms is first, and it couldn’t be more prefect given just earlier this week my friend Lindsay put up a post on her fashion blog, L Marie Syle, with clothes from TWLOHA and she asked me to write a piece to correspond. Head to her page to check that out cause it’s awesome that she let me do that with her and I am really proud of the out come.

I could sing the praises of TWLOHA from sun up to sun down but I don’t want to waste the remainder of your Saturday night. Just know that if you have some free time I’d highly suggest to read their mission pages and the original story that started them because it is all amazing, beautiful, and helpful. Jamie Tworkowski has a way with words that if I could even manage to emulate in the tiniest of ways I’d feel pretty accomplished and spectacular.

So yeah, I wanted to share my first donation and it’s proof with you guys since I plan to make that a vital thing with this project. To be one step closer into the journey of this project feels electric and if this only increases with each  one I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel at the end! Have a great weekend! :)


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