I am planing on doing a longer post later this week but for now I just wanted to share that I had completed my second donation today. Originally I had wanted to do it yesterday because what better way to make a Monday less sucky than donating to a great cause? But then I got busy and all sorts of sidetracked and by the time I remembered it was past midnight. It all works out though because today felt like my Monday and reaching some free time where I could make the effort to donate made the day better.

There was an original plan to just make my way through the ten groups I listed in my original post but then I remembered reading online that a group of fans set up a project to pool money for donations to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and present what they collect to Tyler Posey at BiteCon which is happening in April. So I thought I’d jump to the bottom of the list and donate to LLS in order to help that group out. I would be donating to LLS anyway but the fact I get to work in an even more fandom related angle just makes it better and more appropriate.

If you are at all interested in helping these fans they have set up a Go Fund Me page here with information on why they are doing it and how they plan to present it to Tyler. All of the donations go direction to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which is an organization that Tyler has walked for, raised money for at other conventions, and even has a Serengetee T-shirt line that gives 15% of every purchase to LLS as well. Tyler is an awesome actor and even better person that I thoroughly enjoy saying I am a fan of and am happy I could work in a side of my fangirl-ness into this project.

Here is the screen-cap proof of my donation to keep me honest;


Again more to come (hopefully) later this week as I am mulling over a topic and how I’d like to outline that and eventually make a full post of it as well as more donations in April since the month is related to a couple of groups and it just makes sense. Until then enjoy spring as it starts to make it’s self much more known and antiquated with us! :)



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