Meeting Deadlines.

If you think this is the longer post I hoped to have up by the end of the week I am flattered by your belief in my speed but sorry to say it’s not. This is an even more brief update than yesterdays.

I was overlooking some of the suggested groups again today and noticed one of them had a deadline that was going to be here before April 30th, in fact it will be here April 11th! So I wanted to jump to it and get that one made before the time passed.

The donation is suggested by a friend Meg who is walking in a Relay for Life for members of her family. I’ve had other friends and family who have participated in these events for the American Cancer Society where individuals walk in memory of those who have passed from cancer, those still battling, or those who have beaten cancer. It’s a really lovely and beautiful event that if you ever get the chance to witness you should.

Meg sent me a link to her own personal team that was raising money and participating in the Lincoln, Nebraska and it wasn’t even a question if I would. I worked with Meg while I attended college at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and she is a fantastic person with a generous and kind spirit. It is nothing short of humble to be able help her with this journey. If you want to read why Meg is participating or donate to her team you can go here.

Here is my proof:


This also means that the 15 free spots has gone down to 14 but I don’t think anyone could fault me right? Plus there are still spots to fill and I am always interested in what other charities or foundations are out there, so don’t forget to submit your suggestions to me by April 30th via the ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of the page or any other way you know of getting in contact with me!

Okay I promise I’ll work on that longer post now, and more than in just within my own head too! See you guys later both for that now overly talked about piece and for a few more April sensitive donations I have planned. :)


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