Feeling like A Hundred Bucks

Happy Monday! I was going to make an Easter pun in the title but I couldn’t think of a clever one that hadn’t been used to death in other things so I’ll just go ahead and say that I hope everyone who celebrates the holiday had a lovely day yesterday. Personally I didn’t do much of anything; Ma had to work so we had a nice, and delicious, dinner at our local banquet center and then I lazed the day away. Read outside for a few hours in the glorious sun and got myself a nice first sunburn of the year. It’s really nice how a day like that sort of refresh you and get you back in a centered place to start a new week. However, all that aside I have two announcements.

First that I have made another donation; to the National Foundation for Autism Research which was on my original list of ten groups I selected. April is National Autism Awareness Month and so I knew I wanted to make this one sometime within the month; ideally it would have worked out that I remembered the second was World Autism Day and done it then but I spaced it. Like I said originally I chose this group both for my boss and her son who lives with Autism as well as all the individuals I’ve encountered and gotten to know when my mom worked with them.

NFAR works on understanding Autism and helping those living with it to have a better quality of life as well as educating others on the lives these individuals lead and I think that it’s really incredible. Had I not had the experiences I’ve had in my life I’d be blind, unaware, and possibly ignorant to this aspect of life and that’s something I don’t like to imagine. Below is my proof of donation to NFAR;


My other announcement is that today leaves just ten until I stop taking suggestions for organizations to fill out the rest of my list.


As I’ve said already a few times I’ve received some unique and interesting groups already but I am always anxious to hear more. So if there are any charities or foundations you are a fan of and would donate $25 to if you had the chance let me know about them, drop a line with a website in my ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of the page or any other way you know of getting in touch with me. There are fourteen spots left on my list and I can’t wait to see what names you think should fill those spots!


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