“…I see the fire, I feel the flame, and it’s burning inside you…”

The gut is a powerful but strange thing. Like for instance I’ve always been able to kinda-sort sense out people with whom I likely won’t mesh with or just have a negative energy, but I’ve never had the gift of meeting a person and knowing instinctively that they a truly good soul. Which makes me sound like a total jerk but I don’t mean it to, in fact I rather like it because it leaves me the chance to slowly discover their awesomeness and let some of it hopefully soak into my own being if I am lucky enough.

Which is exactly the sort of thing that happened when my friend Christi was bestowed upon me about seven years ago. To say she is a force is putting it lightly. She has been, and continues to be, one of the kindest and most supportive persons of not only me but a large variety people in her life. I know without a doubt I would not be the person I am today if she hadn’t been a friend all these years.

Christi is the friend I spoke of that lives with Kidney disease and the reason I choose the National Kidney Foundation as one of my organizations to donate to, and given that today is her birthday what better time to make that donation? I’ve told her multiple times if our blood types matched I’d give her my good kidney in a heartbeat but since that can’t happen I am more than happy to donate and support NKF as often as I can on her behalf.



Happy Birthday to you Christi, I hope that you get even half the fantastic-ness that you radiate outwards today, and of course tons of cupcakes because you deserve them and then some! :) <333



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