Filling the Blanks

Happy May day! As well as flowers that should be coming given the April showers, the start of May also means the blank spots on my Project 25 list is finally filled! It sort of seems like a long while ago since I posted the original post back in March. However in that time I’ve already gotten 1/5 of the way done with my total list! You’ll recall I did bend the rules a little and select a suggested group early, cutting the blank spots from 15 to 14, but the other 4 came from my original ten choices.

With each new donation my grin spreads a little farther and positive energy grows, I always knew this would be a good feeling but I don’t think I anticipated it being cathartic or that it would actually affect myself in a day-to-day manner. I look forward to the next chance I can pick a group and make a donation. Especially when I can time in a certain group with a specific month or date, I really love getting to have them have that much more meaning.

But enough about me, let’s get to unveiling the 14 remaining charities and foundations. As I’ve said oodles of times since I started updates on this I have loved getting to hear input from others. The suggested groups I’ve received are diverse and interesting and really special in what they do and provide for people, and animals. Overall I got in 12 suggestions from people (which I will reveal first) and I came up with three to fill the last spots. I am not going to name any of the people who suggested, unless you want to be named let me know and I will correct that, outside of personal ones like with Meg’s personal team for a Relay for Life event. So let’s get to know the rest of the Project 25 family;


11. American Cancer Society (via Meg’s Relay for Life team) // About Page Donation Page

Like I said in my post where I donated for Meg’s team I think Relay for Life is an awesome concept and I’ve been to a couple held here in my town and visited teams that my friends and family have been apart of. Meg herself is an awesome and generous person so I was happy to help her, her team, and the American Cancer Society out and have them be apart of all this.

12. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals // About Page  Donation Page

I am a cat woman. We have three right now in our home and one of my first pets was a little ginger tabby whom I named Oliver because Oliver and Company was one of my favorite movies as a kid so I was really happen when a charity special for animals was suggested. My mom has always been a huge animal lover, growing up on a farm she had a ton and it just stayed with her as she got older so she’ll be so thrilled about this one.

13. Taylor’s Gift // About Page Donation Page

Before this project I had never heard of Taylor’s Gift so when it came up I of course was naturally curious. Reading about the story of Taylor Storch was both sad and inspiring; you never want to hear about a young person having their life cut short and having experienced the pain of losing a person you know had more life to live I am immediately grabbed by the Storch’s story. Not to mention from the time I was old enough to be told about organ donation I knew it was something I would easily do if I was allowed. I have no qualms bout giving up my organs that I’ll no longer use if I am gone so that others can continue to extend their life. This one is a unique charity that I am glad was brought to my attention so I could include it and donate and let it be something I can continue to advocate for long after this project is finished.

14. Blood:Water // About Page Donation Page

This one is kind of two-fer; it deals with water crisis and HIV/AIDS which was something I had initially wanted to include in my original ten but just didn’t get it to fit. Thankfully somebody else had it in mind and suggested Blood:water. I have heard about the group before as one of my friends does their ’40 days of water’ challenge each year for Lent. It’s a really cool concept and organization all together and I am excited I get to add it to my list.

15. Hospice Care // Wikipedia Page

You’ll notice the lack of ‘About Page’ and ‘Donation Page’ for this one. I had verbally asked some people in my life for suggestions and this came from someone. In my hometown we have a Hospice cottage that provides this care for those in our community on their way to passing. The individual who had suggested had a parent who had benefited from the care there and so it’s a special place to them they advocate for. And I could not agree more; both of my grandparents stayed there when they were nearing the end of their lives and they got some of the best and most kind care there. My aunt also happens to work there so I’ve been aware of the incredible work that Hospice does for years and love that I can make a donation to a local place in my grandparents names.

16. The Student Conservation Association // About Page l Donation Page

Another organization I have never heard of until now, but I am not an outdoorsy person so that really isn’t all that shocking. However, reading up on it was really neat. To see what they do and what they provide for students who are participating is pretty cool. The person who suggested it said they had completed an internship with this group and it was a fantastic experience for them and that is enough for me to be willing to give them some of my money.

17. Hopeline // About Page l Donation Page

Hopeline exists to spread awareness about suicide and providing help for those who are feeling depressed or suicidal. The primary program from Hopeline is their national crisis hotline (1-800-SUICIDE) which links people in need to those who can help them. There can never be enough outreach on this area for me so I didn’t hesitate to include something that could be similar to an already chosen group.

18. The Blazeman Foundation // About Page l Donation Page

 This group helps to raise awareness for ALS through participating in things like multi-sport activities. It’s a unique and personal way to take on the challenge of raising awareness and spreading knowledge about a disease. I like that it is a family thing meant to honor someone, smaller things like that are always a nice treasure to find.

19. The Cranial Quest // About Page Donation Page

Not exactly a suggestion per-say but I happen to know Caitlin and she did give some on behalf of this challenge her and a friend are doing and I thought the least I could do was include their incredible task on the list. I have known Caitlin since her family moved to my hometown when I was in fourth grade, her older sister being my age and a friend, and I even worked with her for a while in high school. She is a smart and kind person who sets her mind to crazy awesome, borderline impossible things like this challenge of rowing across the Atlantic ocean. Plus I also love that she goes to my alma mater so I am even more biased to her list of positive attributes. But even with that aside it’s a really fantastic thing what Caitlin and her friend are doing and I have no problem what-so-ever adding them to the list.

20. Team Jack Foundation // About Page Donation Page

Speaking of my alma mater, University of Nebraska — Lincoln, and my love for it Team Jack is a fantastic representation of our community there. Jack’s story is incredible and the support he and his family have received from the Huskers and Husker nation makes me really proud to be able to say that’s where I went to school and is like a second-home to me. I love that it was suggested because I get an excuse to include UNL related things into this project.

21. It Gets Better // About Page Donation Page

When I was making my original list of ten charities and foundations I went back and forth between The Trevor Project and this one. I ultimately went with Trevor because it is a group I’ve known about and supported longer, but I am ecstatic that this one was then suggested. I remember when it was started and the momentum behind it and watching it blossom and what it was providing for the individuals that needed it was very inspiring. The message here is inescapably amazing and done in a way that utilizes social media just wonderfully. Very happy to add this group.

22. Archive of Our Own // About Page Donation Page

Not gonna lie I laughed a good amount when I saw this one come at me, but in a good way. It probably seems really frivolous to most people and they would think my money could be better spent else where but then those places should have been suggested and this isn’t frivolous. AO3 is a well put together and well run community of creative people with some high levels of respect for each other. Fandom can be easily misunderstood by people who don’t participate in it and that sucks because I feel like if everyone understood the time, patience, and talent that went into fanworks they would judge it less. I frequent AO3 enough that I should have already donated by now but this is a fantastic opportunity to finally do that and I am excited to do so.

23. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation // About Page Donation Page

This is another one I had really wanted to put on the first ten list but I ended up cutting it. However given that there are three spots left I can include it in the final draft. If you know me you know I am totally in love with all things Superman and have been for years. I grew up idealizing Lois Lane and my fondness for Clark/Superman/Kal-El is pretty strong too. Dean Cain was actually my first Superman but I’ve always adored Christopher Reeve’s version. In high school I read his autobiography Still Me and remember being really moved and fascinated by his story and his passion for stem cell research. So I am very happy to add this to the list.

24. Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) // About Page Donation Page

While in college and in my gender studies classes a thing we often studied and discussed was sexual violence and I found myself very affected and attached to the topic. Obviously as a woman and that sexual violence perpetrated against women is more common I have a reaction. But I can not stress enough how important I think a dialogue and education on sexual violence against all people is necessary. RAINN does really exceptional work and when I realized my original list was lacking in something in this area I was quick to add them.

25.  American Red Cross // About Page Donation Page

Not sure this one needs an explanation. The ARC does some of the best charity work and in such a range of areas; disaster relief, military support, blood donation, etc. I’ve volunteered with them a couple of times in the past and always had a good experience so being able to have them on the list and donate to a group I know first hand does great work is just icing on the already tasty cake.


There we have it! The list is completely filled in and full of really great charities and foundations that do special work for so many people and animals. I probably sound like a broken record by now but I truly am really loving the experience this project is giving me. On the selfish end I am fulfilling a desire I’ve always had to just be able to give a lot to organizations that are both special to me and those in my life, but also knowing I am helping others is a very humbling emotion for me to experience.

I want to extend thanks to those who sent in groups for me to include; you’ve given me excuses to give some that I already love and just couldn’t fit in my first ten as well as a few new ones to support and keep an eye on. Also to those who have been supportive and kind towards me in regards to this entire project, I thought about just doing it and not telling anyone till I had completed because I didn’t want me sharing to seem like I was fishing for praise or a pat on the back, but I really craved the extension of input and other minds to broaden where my money would go. However I’ve gotten nothing but very nice words (at least to my face) and I am really grateful for that and those of you who have said them, so thanks again.

Now that this part is completed I imagine I won’t be so talkative about the project unless I am updating on donations and I figure that is what you all would like. Don’t need an overload of the same sort of topic all the time right? But I might throw in posts that discuss the concept of donating and supporting causes in a much broader sense because I enjoy invoking discussion and feeling out other people’s thoughts like that. I’ll try to keep up with posts on unrelated stuff as well, I am working on something a little here and there I hope to post in the next couple of weeks that I am really eager to get out. Until then I hope life is good to you. :)


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