There is a Lack of Clever Title Here

Been a little while huh? I didn’t do that on purpose, but I feel like maybe it was a good thing. Getting back to a somewhat normal routine where the project wasn’t on my mind almost all the time was nice. Not to mention this last weekend I got to spend time with some of my bestest friends before we enter a limbo of being unsure when exactly we will see each other again. It was fantastic to take a little mini break and live in a moment before a new chapter starts.

However it was time to make my first donation of May, and of course it was going to be for another friend’s, Kinsey, birthday! I met Kinsey within the first week of college, she lived down the hall from me in the dorms, and we clicked pretty instantly. She’s a friend that I’ve always needed, she understood a side of me that others didn’t (not because they didn’t want to or didn’t like it but just because they didn’t live it). She is a fangirl and wasn’t afraid to be vocal about it; and it allowed me to finally be the same. It may sound silly but it was kinda big for me. Even still, we are cut from the same cloth in a lot of ways but at the same time opposites too; it’s a good balance that makes us work.

Which is why donated to Blood:Water for her birthday. It’s a group that she is very supportive of and makes a lot of effort to help in any way that she can. For the last few years she has participated in their ’40 Days of Water’ activity which is really pretty fantastic in all that it does. Kinsey herself is a super generous and kind person who goes out of her way often to make others happy or feel better. I am super thankful the Universe made sure our paths crossed because her friendship is a something that altered my life in a major(ly good) way. So since I can’t be with her this year like I was last on her birthday (and since her gifts will be a little late  because I let the day sneak up on me) I donate in her name to an organization she loves.




There is the possibility of another donation later this week or next but I also really need to work on doing a post completely unrelated to this project. I’ve had an idea or two hit me but I need to jot them down and expand and try to form a full post on it. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summer! :)


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