Channeling What Some Call a Useless Addiction Into Some Good

Sometimes I worry how easily I can be distracted or how fast time can go by. I knew it had been a little bit since I had updated but I did not realize I’d almost let the entire month of June pass without a new post. It’s been an oddly busy and productive month though so I am not even sure I had the brain space to fit in acknowledging my neglect, I only knew that I had plans for my next donation to be today so I at least would have to make a post then. And the upcoming weeks/months are going to be much of the same if not more hectic so I can see me doing it again. I’ll try not to though.

However back to the topic at hand; a new donation has been made! In the original post I talked about that a good portion of my life I’ve spent wrapped up in the fictional worlds and characters from books, television shows, and movies and that I figured it was only realistic that I channel that part of my life in his project. I had decided to go with a charity that fans of my current favorite show, Teen Wolf, have already donated to and that the people behind the show have acknowledged. Wolf Haven International is an organization that takes care of and provides sanctuary for captive-born wolves. They also provide education on the wolf’s importance to the wild and our world at large. Their website is really fun to browse around and see all that they do for the wolves and as well as the education they provide for the public. Getting to see pictures of the wolves they take care of and the packs they belong to is really interesting.

I’ve had opportunities in the past to do charitable things from a fan perspective and those have always been one of the more fun and humbling experiences about being in a fandom. It’s one thing to find a group of people who like the same things you do and talk about it for hours on end but it’s a whole different thing when a group can get together with an idea to do good with their passion. It is inspiring to see what being inspired can do. My experience has always been that fans love to find ways to show the cast, crew, and creators who they admire that they appreciate what their show/books/movies/music do for them and finding ways to donate to charities or raise awareness for things is one of the more rewarding ways to show that.

So with today being the season four premier of Teen Wolf I knew it was perfect to make this donation. I never expected to watch this show at all, let alone love it as much as I do. But that’s what lots of free time after graduating from college, no job yet, and Tumblr can do for a person. In the end I am glad because finding Teen Wolf brought me back into fandom in a more in-depth way that I had left for a couple of years and I missed it. I never left fully but I became a little bit more of a back-burner friend to the world. It’s ignited a different fire in me I had let simmer down and just feels better, feels right, to be back at a familiar level.

But yeah, another donation done (proof below)! Eight down and just seventeen to go! I’m still having a blast with this project, picking dates and which of the groups to do next and figuring how to put into words why they made the list. Hopefully those of you reading this enjoy the updates because that would just be an added bonus to everything else. I am going to spend the rest of the day in a giddy haze excited for the premier at 9:00 (Central Time), I love having a reason to overrule my dislike of Mondays when the show is around.












I will try to be more post-productive on here or get in a donation or two before I take my vacation cause I was on a really decent role there with posts for a bit and I don’t want to lose that motivation or inspiration I had there. Wishing you all fantastic Moonday ;) and summer season in general! Until next time…


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