Celebrate. Embrace. Love.

I’ve not yet gotten to wish everyone a Happy Pride Month! Lucky me that I had decided I wanted to make sure to do a post and donation towards one of the two LGBTQA specific organizations on my list during the month to celebrate. I know the month is almost gone so mostly I hope that everyone who celebrated and possibly attended Pride events had a fantastic and loving time.

No doubt I’ve mentioned this story before but I became aware of the LGBTQA community a little when Ellen came out on her television show, but mostly when Matthew Sheppard was killed. I remember being eight and hearing the news and not fully understanding what Matthew being gay had to do with it. When I asked my mom she explained that some people hate for unnecessary reasons. She explained sexual orientation in terms I’d understand at that age and it didn’t seem like anything offensive to me, and she never called it bad or unnatural. I think being raised by a single mom I was not stuck to the idea that a family is a mom and dad and kids, I knew family wasn’t a set or rigid definition.

And from then on I have always been interested and invested in equal rights and being supportive of the LGBTQA community. I studied the history and literature and social concepts in college and it was some of the most interesting and rewarding time during my four years. Attending events and helping in small ways with the LGBTQA Resource Center was something I enjoyed and in reality wished I did more of before I left. I’ve yet to be able to pin-point a specific career that I want but I know that an area I would love to work in would be dealing with LGBTQA groups or organizations, especially in the area of educating youth and making young people who are feeling like outcasts because of the way they identify, or think they might, or are unsure exactly how they do, feel more comfortable and accepted in any way.

One group I’ve always admired is The Trevor ProjectTheir work with LGBTQA youth is incredible and something I think is so important. The way they approach their serious subject matter is inspiring. It’s why I choose to include them among my original list of ten groups, I believe fully in what they do and want to support that kind of effort and work put into the community. As an ally I never want to insert myself into the community, my story is not the same, I simply want to lend my support and voice to a group of people that history has allowed our society to mistreat for no validated reason. I dream of a day when equality is the norm and issues like equal marriage and a gender binary are a thing of the past and lesser discussed sexual orientations like Asexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, etc. are more openly known and celebrated just the same. If I have kids some day I want to raise them in a world that won’t try to tell them behind my back that some people are “wrong” or “abnormal” or have them ever fear about who they are.

Pride Month/Weekends are about celebrating, embracing, and love. I am really glad that I get to live in a time that is starting to see the light and making progress to equality. Getting to hear about yet more states abolishing bans on same-sex marriage is incredible, knowing that we are that much closer to being a nation that doesn’t discriminate in such a way. And having kids younger and younger know they have places to turn when they feel confused or alone because so many people and groups have stepped up to lend their support and love increases my belief that the world is not all that bad.














This is probably one of my more favorite donations I will be making over the course of the Project because I am so passionate about the subject matter and I am really glad I could work it in with a time that celebrates the community. I think I have one more planned donation coming up in early July and then that might be it till mid August since I’ll be taking a vacation and need to save some more for that. This one makes donation number nine of twenty-five and $225 dollars donated since end of March. It’s been a great journey thus far and I am excited about planning out the remainder of the donations. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, end of June, and the 4th of July since I likely won’t be back till after that!


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