Stationary Escapism

Believe it or not there were a few times this weekend I mentally started a post in my head and then not long into developing it I gave in to my lazy cravings and returned to my book, my beer, and the gorgeous weather provided for me to enjoy my weekend off. However those thoughts and ideas still linger in the back of my head so I do plan to eventually turn them into a much more tangible thing in the somewhat near future.

Today however is the last of my planned donations before I go on a vacation I’ve been planning for months! It was announced a while ago that a favorite author of mine, Rainbow Rowell, was releasing her fourth book ‘Landline’ on July 8th and not gonna like I did as close to a human interpretation of a seal clap I could. I really have connected with Rainbow’s books since I first picked up ‘Eleanor & Park’ in March (I think) of 2013 based on the review by John Green. I did a blog about those feelings here and then I also blabbed about how much I liked her other book ‘Fangirl’ here, which is an equally awesome book. I really should reread her first novel ‘Attachments’ and do a post since it does happen to be my favorite of hers thus far; putting that on a mental ‘to-do list’.

Blah, a bit sidetracked sorry. Anyways since today is a day I anticipated because of a book I thought it was perfect to give my $25.00 to Reading is Fundamental to celebrate books and all their awesome glory. Books, for as long as I can recall, have been a very important and constant thing in my life. I was an only child so when I was at home I spent a ton of time reading books, both alone and with my mom, to entertain myself. Getting to learn about new places and characters and the adventures they had dazzled me and set my imagination off like a rocket. And especially as I’ve aged and my creative abilities have matured they just get better and better with each new one I pick up.

I was shaped just as easily by the books I read as I was by the people in my life and the challenges I faced. Characters became beloved friends and role models and settings became the location of a dream or two. Books and all the words between their pages take up heavy value in my life, because they are always there to turn to when I feel I can turn to nothing else. Words fascinate me endlessly and when I get to watch them be particularly placed in just the ride order to tell a journey or lesson I itch to pick up a pen and layout my own world and people to populate it.

The ultimate goal in my heart of hearts is to someday make good of all the words, characters, stories I have managed to write down and imagined; create a book that is published and a character(s) that people can connect with in the way I have times over in my life. If even just one person can bond with them I’d be happier than a cat with a giant ball of yarn.

And I would never feel this passionate about fictional things if it weren’t for how early my mom and my teachers got me reading. I couldn’t be even one-third of the person I am without my introduction to books and the encouragement to enjoy them and keep reading. Which is why when it came down to picking a group or organization for my project I went with RIF, they care deeply about getting books to kids and getting them excited about reading as early on as possible. I get super sad when I hear young kids saying they hate reading and it is stupid, but I love RIF for working towards making it fun and important to kids as early as possible.

Even if all the alternate universes exist I don’t believe there could be one where I am an avid reader and giant bibliophile.


I may get in a post before I leave for LeakyCon at the end of the month but I am not making any promises cause I am prone to laziness when I am not working and I am on a mission to finish the ‘Twilight’ series before Leaky as well (I am on a ‘Eclipse’ so you think do-able but ‘Landline’ will sidetrack me a bit I think…bahhh so many books! [love it!]) so I can’t say I foresee a post coming till mid-August if I am truthful. But who knows? One step at a time, one day at a time. Until I get to chat at you all again have lovely days! :)


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