One Cent Small Kicks

When I was in eight grade a teacher of mine said to us, “Imagine if starting the first day you began kindergarten you saved a penny a day until the day you graduated. You would be surprised to see the value of your time spent learning.” Which I know it was meant to enforce how important education is and while we whine and complain often, it is well worth all that, but I also decided from that day forward I would do it.

Except I was thirteen then which means I was forgetful and without an income just yet, so instead of a penny a day it became about saving each penny I came across in a bag.  I hoarded and collected and scavenged for the next five years. And the day after I graduated high school I went and cashed it all in, came to a grand total of around 44 dollars.  I don’t know how my teacher would judge that as a value but I thought it was pretty cool. Which made me decide that I would start fresh and continue to save pennies whenever they were presented to me. Originally I had thought, ‘Oh I’ll do it again when I graduate from college’ but I got so silly lazy when I did that I just decided to keep letting my collection grow until I felt the urge.

So with my upcoming vacation approaching, and also that both my containers for the said copper loot straining with lack of space, I thought it was as good a time as any to go cash in. I also had a coffee mug full of silver change (It’s a Obama mug and I call it my ‘cup of change’ cause I think I am hilarious occasionally) because I despise change so I always just dump it so I don’t have to carry it in my purse. This morning I hauled both stashes down and gave the teller the best, “Please don’t hate me” smile and asked her to cash it all out. Turns out this time I had collected $33.55.


Again I have no clue what that is supposed to symbolize in terms of value of my time and life but it’s still pretty neat. I mean I personally don’t think your life or time spent living should be measured by a sum of money, it might be cheesy but I see those things as kind of invaluable. They equate to much more than a dollar amount and while yes it’s fun or interesting to just see what you can come up with doing an experiment like this it properly represent the days, weeks, months, years you spent living and learning and growing.

Maybe there should be a deeper or more profound meaning to this silly activity I started just because I was curious to see how much could be totaled over the course of time, but I don’t see one and I don’t ever really want to put something like that on it.  It’s and great way to ignore all the stupid change I manage to get until I really have no choice but to lug it down to a bank and have them give me some paper cash money.

This post has about as much “meaning” as me being an adult who steals pennies from anyone and everyone like I am Gollum and they are my precious. I just felt like sharing this dumb little thing I do and reminiscing about the origins of it. I’ve already been MIA since my last donation and that is likely to continue till mid August or even September because I’ll be off having some well-earned fun on a vacation or two. I hope you all have some truly lovely remaining summer days!


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