Making Up For Lost Time

How is August almost already over? I swear it was just yesterday I did my pre-vacations posts and now I’ve completed two of the three vacations! I have also realized that it’s hard to remember a time where I wasn’t doing donations and making posts about them, and I kind of love that. However since it has been a while I wanted to do the return donation a little big, which works out considering I had planned from the start to do the Hopeline, The Blazeman Foundation, and The Cranial Quest all at the same time given their intertwined origins to the list. And even better was the fact that in the last couple of weeks the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken off and gone totally viral. I had a friend find out that I was thinking of just doing it anyways and she then challenged me to do it so I did (the video will be below). First I’ll talk about each group a little then provide the receipts for the donation as per usual.


Caitlin is a friend I’ve known since she and her family moved to my home town when I was in third grade. When I first asked for suggestions of charities or foundations for my project she nominated Hopeline as it was the charity she would be rowing across the Atlantic for. She also threw in her rowing partner George’s charity of choice; The Blazeman Foundation. I was happy to help them and their charities and because they are doing such an incredible and just unique thing in trying to row across the Atlantic I choose to add their team for the rowing challenge, The Cranial Quest, to the list as well. I always knew I wanted to keep them grouped together to bring awareness to Caitlin and George’s charities of choice was well as their overall effort at once.

If you click the link for their team above it will take you to their website for the Atlantic challenge where you can read their stories and why they chose the groups they did. It is a completely fascinating story to read how they have met and how they came together to decide to take on this huge, daunting, task of rowing across the Atlantic ocean. I might also have a soft spot for Caitlin and George because they row for the University of Nebraska — Lincoln, my alma mater, and that always gives people brownie points with me. There is also more information at their Crowdrise page if you want to donate to them and help with their journey.




Hopeline is a great organization that works towards suicide prevention, awareness, and education. This topic has been close to my heart for a while but it is particularly at the forefront of my mind lately as I just lost a friend to suicide a couple of weeks ago. Steven was a person with insurmountable kindness, heart, and humor. He was always going out of his way to make those around him laugh and be happy and he never questioned being there for people. I only knew him for a few short years, and only saw him frequently that first year after he began work with me at UNL, but he was this spark of genuine light that made life better. I knew he struggled and I had talked with him a few times, lending my ear and the best advice I could, but it hurt regardless to hear the news. I can only hope that he has now found the peace and less stressful life he was searching for. Hopeline is an excellent resource for those feeling alone or lacking hope or those who are afraid for their friends, their national hotline number is 1-800-SUICIDE (7842433).





The Blazeman Foundation is a group that supports ALS research and helps to raise awareness for the disease by participating in athletic events. Their participation brings awareness to the individuals living with ALS, and who have passed from ALS, and the effect it has on the mobility in their lives. They work hard to raise funds for ALS research, awareness, and support of those living with the disease. I have not known anyone personally who has lived with ALS so I can not necessarily connect with the disease on an intimate level but I can only imagine the challenges individuals and their families face. I think this Ice Bucket Challenge and the way it has blown up the way it has is fantastic. Anything that can help to raise awareness and bring in the money for research and support like this has can only be a good thing. To see so many people step up and commit is really awesome and inspiring. So when I had been throwing around the idea of doing it since a donation was coming from me anyways and then my friend Nury, challenged me I felt good about it. I don’t love to be on camera so forgive my akwardness.




I challenged my friends Kinsey and Jill as well as Zac Efron for Nury’s sake since she was saying how she was just waiting for someone to challenge him. If he sees it I will be amazed but hey a girl can try right?

Anyways, so jumping back into the game with a splash you might say ;). I’ll likely be pretty quiet again until after the first of September since I am going on yet another vacation (believe me how I managed all this is still beyond me) to see Kinsey and just enjoy myself in Kansas City once again. Hopefully I’ll get a writing post or two out while I am there but we will see. It’s been fun coming back and I look forward to getting back in the grove come September.


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