Giving to Things That Have Given Me a Lot

Welcome to Fall! I love this season and maybe get overly excited at just the idea of it, so now that I can live it for a few weeks to maybe a month (it all depends on how Minnesota and Mother Nature choose to get along) I almost buzzing beneath the surface. However that could also be from the constant intake of caffeine that I’ve resorted back to lately that I am not all that proud of but need it to survive. Which takes me to the point that this will be a relatively quick post; just a few minor updates and a couple of donations I have made. Let’s get started shall we?

An update on how my re-read of The Fountainhead is going; it’s not. I don’t know if my heart just isn’t in it as much as my determination is or what but I have had a hell of a time getting anywhere with it. I even downloaded an audio version of it to see if I could maybe do it that way but I’ve not managed to get it from my computer to my phone. Which is realistically dumb because I am even worse at trying to do audio books than I am regular books, my attention span to listen to a story is next to zero and that’s why I always read read because it forces me to not let my mind wander…as much. And truthfully I am remembering how this book requires you, or at least me, to be in a zone to properly experience it. It’s not one you can just be casually be reading and be interrupted often and expect the flow to work out. I’ve tried reading at work a few times when we are totally dead but when I do get interrupted it pulls me out to far and I can’t just jump back into the work of Howard Roark and Peter Keating. I do however still want to finish a re-read before I turn 25…so I am just going to push it back a few months and then see if I can really push myself. So hitting the pause on this for now.

October is six days away and how that happened so fast I have no idea but that also means I have six days to prepare for ‘Prompt-tober’! There is going to be a separate post, no really there will be, where I talk about this and go in-depth of the process I like to do and ask you to participate in during the month before National Novel Writing Month. But for now know I am excited to get some writing out, I’ve had a few spurts of inspiration and even settled on an idea for my NaNoWriMo project so I am also looking forward to building that story and world and characters. Yay writing and creativity!

Now onto the donations! I sat down a couple of weeks ago and looked at my list, to see what I’ve accomplished and what I have left to do before March. It was really nice to see that without noticing it I have passed the half way mark, it really does let my shoulders sag a little and remind me I am doing alright and on a decent track to finish this with no problem what-so-ever. I am not going to say this process wasn’t a little daunting when I launched it, I was signing on for a pretty good-sized commitment and even if I knew I wouldn’t let myself fail it was still nerve-wracking to think I could. So to realize that I’ve reached that mile marker is very cool and rejuvenated my excitement for the remaining donations I have left. Starting with the two I settled on for this month that I had wanted to space out but then it was already the middle of September and I was like, “…eh we’ll just do them together.”

First goes to Team Jack, a foundation that was started to help raise money to fund research for pediatric brain cancer. It’s named for Jack Hoffman who was a young boy in Nebraska who like most loved the Nebraska Cornhuskers, his family reached out to his favorite team and his favorite player Rex Burkhead to see if Jack could meet him. A friendship and bond was created and since then Jack has become a mascot and unsung hero of those in the Husker Nation, he is someone thousands upon thousands of people support and care about. The foundation was inspired by him but his families and the foundations desire is to help other kids and their families who face pediatric brain cancer. September is perfect for this donation for a few reasons; one is that it is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and a second is that it’s the first full month of the Husker football season. If you know me in the slightest you’ve heard at length my love and loyalty to UNL and the Huskers because they gave me my college education, friends, and a second home. I knew starting this project I needed to have something that related back to UNL and when Team Jack was suggested by my friend Megan it was perfect.









My second goes toward a group with another emotional connection to my life. I’ve loved the story of Superman for as long as I can remember and most of my friends will tell you my obsession goes real deep and probably worried them on more than one occasion. So it’s natural that I am a big fan of Christopher Reeve. He may not be “my” Superman (that will always be Dean Cain since he was my first physical incarnation of the character) but he is iconic in the role and a truly admired person in the culture of Superman. I remember, albeit a little fuzzy, when his tragic accident happened and he was left paralyzed and how it was this huge event in pop culture. In high school I read his autobiography, Sill Me, in high school and was even more impressed and in awe of him than I had been before. I really took to his dedication for stem cell research and learned a ton in the things he outlined and discussed, I was never great at science so to hear these processes and amazing feats in the field was fascinating to a fifteen year old me. Which naturally all of this transferred into an interest in his foundation, ‘The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’, and the work they do in curing spinal cord injuries, funding research in the field, and helping those living with paralysis. It made sense to have a group that connected to my Superman roots and while there are plenty of great organizations and charities attached to the culture and world of comics/DC/Superman I didn’t think one was more fitting than this one, and since today is Christopher Reeve’s birthday it is appropriate I hit this one on the list now.









There you have it! I know I’ve been mostly promising stuff other than donation posts and not delivering but I have been weirdly busy coming back into reality, at least much more busy than I had been anticipating, and so I’ve not gotten the time to organize proper thoughts in to a full post. But I can promise at least a small one in the next few days discussing ‘Prompt-tober’ and all that it entails. Until then I hope you all are enjoying the start to your Fall season, go get a pumpkin flavored thing! :)


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