Help Me Find the Words

There are good and bad things about getting older. Some of the good are things like maturing and understanding the world better, and some of the bad are things like losing conviction and bills (always the god damn bills). Like for me I’ve always been idealistic about writing and just assumed that’s what I would do with my life; whether it was as a journalist/reporter or as a novelist, I just always assumed putting words into the Universe was gonna be my purpose. Granted I do still believe that, and I do put words into the Universe daily through tweets, Facebook blurbs, and of course this blog when I get around to posting, it’s just my enthusiasm and positivity ride a roller coaster of highs and lows. Like last year at this time I was atop the highest peak, and rode out that wave for a good few months, but this year I am sorta hitting the bottom curve hoping the incline is coming quick. Regardless I know it’s important to push myself and with NaNoWriMo not to far off it is time for ‘Prompt-tober’.

You might recall last year I put up a post where I asked for the help of my friends and family and those who happen to read this blog. I wanted to get used to the feeling of working and writing daily like I would be for NaNoWriMo and created what I call ‘Prompt-tober’ where through out the entire month of October I accept prompts and fill a new one each day. There isn’t a limit or any restrictions to the prompts, if you want me to answer a thought provoking question in essay form I can do that, or if you want me to write fanfic about a couple you enjoy I can try even twice (although I can’t promise to nail it if the characters are a bit foreign to me, but I like the challenge), or I can go off small prompts from images.

Long story short; I am open to anything.

I had a blast last year getting all the fun suggestions and request from people and even the ones I went out and found myself to complete. Any time I am afforded the opportunity to get into pieces of people’s minds that they are kind enough to share with me I jump at. Especially when they offer up ideas they want to see fully realized and lend me the chance and trust me to create it for them, that’s a big compliment and high for me.

While making this post and looking at my stuff from last year was like adding kindling to a low simmering fire. I was really happy with a decent number of those posts last year and it reminds me that while I am not the world’s best writer to ever write I can do this. Even this morning when I was checking my Timehop app I came across a tweet that I was like, “…dang! I really wrote that five years ago?”


Like…I am not one to toot my own horn all that often but that’s pretty damn good. I wish I could remember what made me compose that because I need a dose of that level inspiration, but knowing I am capable of something like that is sort of inspiring in its own sense. I also found this quote on a friends LiveJournal* that really resonated with me and lit another spark so maybe all I really need is some encouragement from my beloved words and I’ll fall right back into place where I was last year; inching closer and closer to the peak of the roller coaster and running on sheer adrenaline and excitement.

So I invite any and all of you reading this to send me prompts starting now until October 31st. Any way you know of getting a hold of me works; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or even my Contact Me page here on the blog (which is located at the top of the page just under the main header). Usually I’ll post a name or username with the prompt but if you wish to remain anonymous just let me know and I’ll leave if off. I can’t wait to see what comes my way and how I can work it into words and sentences and paragraphs and dialogue and etc. I hope to hear from those I heard from last year and new people as well, the more the merrier as they say.

*”And writing itself is a mixed blessing. We, who are addicted, berate ourselves and feel guilty when we do not write, at the same time put it off and hunt for diversions. Why? Because the thing that makes us happiest is also tedious, frustrating and hard. Writing makes us crazy; not writing, even crazier.” – Marcia Preston

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